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Youtube: the platform of the moment.


Youtube: the platform of the moment.

Since the first YouTube video in 2005 that the most popular network of the moment never ceases to amaze us. It began as an idea of ​​three friends: Chad Hurley Steve Chen and Jared Karim , the latter was who uploaded the first video to the network, where he tells a brief experience about his visit to a zoo.

13 years after that, and already in 2019, the network has evolved along with the content that we find today in the Turkey Phone Number List world and has become the favorite platform for media and influencers, who have been able to get happy accounts thanks to it.
YouTube not only turns out to be more profitable than traditional TV, but also a platform that houses much more diverse content. This is well demonstrated by the statistics of the same network, which calculates that more than 300 hours of videos are uploaded during 1 minute.

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From the universe of youtubers and media, there are as always many that stand out for their versatility of content, sympathy and connection with their audience, and these are the most popular on the platform.

1- PiewDiePie: The Swede Logan Paul, is the luckiest of the ranking of the youtubers. Who has the most subscribers worldwide! with the figure of no less than more than 96 million subscribers , an amount for which the same platform has awarded it with the ruby ​​button, a prize that Betting Email List with more than 50 million subscribers receive. Among the themes of his channel, the comments he makes while playing stand out.

2- HelloSoyGerman: The Chilean comedian is another of the lucky ones who has been awarded for his large audience that already exceeds more than 39 million subscribers . On his channel, he laughs at everyday situations and teaches the best online game tricks of the moment.

The Rubius: Through monologues with his friends and reactions to live games, this young Spaniard has managed to conquer his more than 34 million subscribers. Such has been the stir caused by his attractive content and his spontaneity, that even Time magazine recognized him as a true “online conqueror” .

The incredible thing about YouTube is how a network that began to host videos of all kinds, became responsible for giving life to a new job: being youtuber. And although for many it means just turning on a camera, giving life to a couple of images and then editing them to form something harmonious, it is not so, since all those who dedicate themselves to this field know that there are hours of work and above all a lot of commitment with the audience, since it is thanks to them that they begin to convert what often begins as a hobby into their work 24/7.

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