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Your brand needs an Ambassador program


Your brand needs an Ambassador program

Brand ambassadors, our most active users and clients.
When you think about communicating your brand, you probably think about the basics: content Qatar Phone Number List , social media, email marketing, and so on. Many times we forget the best resources that our companies have, which are loyal customers / users (our best fans!).

One of the most powerful marketing tools is still word of mouth. Now we have digital tools that attract our clients even more, because they not only share their experience with friends and family in their environment, but with their own online community that is much wider.

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It is in your hands to enhance this tool already available to you, that is, these fans already talk about your brand and share your content voluntarily, but if they earn some benefits, they will be more happy and grateful to do many more actions. Your brand at a very low cost-value manages to maximize these actions considerably.

You’re probably thinking right now, “I just don’t have anything to give them that doesn’t cost the Betting Email List a lot,” right? Well, you are fooling yourself!

Here is a list of 6 rewards that you can give to your brand ambassadors (who already have them in your company) in exchange for actions that are more useful for your brand:

Invitations for special events: Invite your brand ambassadors to be present at the events in which you participate or to be part of those that you organize yourself.
Free Products: When you create a new product, you can send it to your ambassadors or involve them in the decision process. If your company does not have products and it is a service, you can send thembrand merchandising .
Create direct communication: Create a direct communication channel with ambassadors where you can ask them for recommendations on new functionality, feedback and product suggestions.
Recognize Ambassadors: Create a program to recognize the “Ambassador of the Month”, interview them and post on your blog and on social media. It’s a great way to give them public recognition, and everyone loves it!
Special content: Submit content that you create special for ambassadors first hand before publishing it on any other site (eg ebooks, infographics, webinars, etc).
Co-author or blogging for the brand: Invite them to co-write a piece of content or write a blog post on a topic they feel comfortable with. You can start with those who already have their own blogs and make backlinks for their personal blog (benefits only!).
How to start your brand ambassador program?

A good way to start building your ambassador community is to create a call for ambassadors in your newsletter or a CTA (Call-to-Action) on your website so that they can apply. You can also search Twitter for your most active followers who have a good digital presence, or look for people who usually talk about your area to represent your brand.

Brand ambassadors can be paid for the work they do, but many will be willing to do it for free just because they are loyal to your brand. But mainly, always take into consideration giving them some benefits like the ones we have talked about before. They are your best customers, so you should take the best care of them, because they really are your brand’s greatest asset.

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