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With the arrival of summer, a beer, an advertisement, an experience


With the arrival of summer, a beer, an advertisement, an experience

A clear example of the importance of transmitting experiences
Experiences . The main line taken by the advertising campaigns of some beer brands when summer approaches, and it is estimated that more than 60% of the people who associate a brand with a pleasant experience end up being faithful to it.

That is why brands such as Estrella Damm , every year a few days before the beginning of summer announces a short film in which the main protagonist ends up being the Georgia Phone Number List, but which records a series of places, moments and situations that arrive directly to our retina in a way that we wish we were in those places, moments or situations.

This has encouraged their competition to carry out similar strategies such as San Miguel , which uses advertisements in which they transmit attractive situations that encourage them to want to be the protagonist of them.

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It is not always accurate . Some examples show that as much as the trend is to transmit experiences, it is not always the best solution or always the best way to advertise a brand, let’s look at an example of a recent failure:


A way to fight back. As we Betting Email List at the beginning, Estrella Damm started this path with very good results, using a place that, due to its beauty, encourages you to visit it, we are talking about the Costa Brava.

However, a tough competitor has emerged that, taking advantage of this, has started a “fight” to be the beer of that area, a situation, without a doubt, curious that shows us that what can be an excellent and innovative advertising campaign, it can inspire others. We leave you the example:

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