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Why use social media for customer service?


Why use social media for customer service?

Customer service through social media is one of the strongest Training Directors Email Lists tools. Look at some reasons and examples.What will you find in this content?

10 reasons why customer service with social networks is very important
Customer retention is much less expensive than customer acquisition.
Existing customers are more likely to buy than new customers.
Customer service strengthens the brand.
Word of mouth is the best type of advertising that money CANNOT buy.
It conveys strong company values.
Extends the life of any business.
More customers leave a business because of poor customer service than because of prices.
Customer service builds trust in the business.
The service encourages customers to return again.
Customer service helps build relationships with current and potential customers.
Examples of customer service in social networks in Mexico
Examples of the tourism industry in customer service.
And this is epic …
Reflections on customer service in social networks
The service to the customer is the support that a business offers its customers – both before and after buying your product – and seeks help you have a pleasant experience; And for those who operate social networks, something should be clear: it is much more than providing answers or asking for data in a DM.Why is customer service so important on social media ? What kind of responses can you expect in Mexico? Do Mexican companies help or ignore potential customers? Let’s talk about this in depth, let’s start with the importance, let’s move on to the examples and close with some thoughts … but first, some humor.
customer service with social networks10 reasons why customer service with social networks is very important
Customer retention is much less expensive than customer acquisition.On average, it costs about five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.Existing customers are more likely to buy than new customers.The probability of selling to a new customer is in the range of 5% -20%, while the possibility of a sale to an existing customer is 60% -70% percent.Customer service strengthens the brand.
The quality of customer service results in positive and permanent testimonials on the network, which become new sales and help strengthen the brand in reputation and engagement .Word of mouth is the best type of advertising that money CANNOT buy.The benefits of excellent customer service are priceless. That is what makes a business have fans who will defend the business.

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It conveys strong company values.
Providing excellent customer service means that a business is focused on building community. Shows the desire to help others.Extends the life of any business.Today, only four out of 100 companies last up to 10 years . That’s a 96 percent failure rate. By ignoring theneeds of your customers, businesses cut their lives.More customers leave a business because of poor customer service than because of prices.
If a business cares about customer needs, it won’t have a problem when it comes time to raise prices a bit.Customer service builds trust in the business.Providing the best customer service increases confidence in the business and helps improve results. Customers need to feel that they can trust a businessThe service encourages customers to return again.If you have a bad experience with any business, there is little probability of returning to buy, right? But if they help you solve your problems, it is very likely that you will return, you tell your experience to friends and family and share your testimony on social networks.Customer service helps build relationships with current and potential customers.Through feedback and customer interaction, businesses have opportunities to find out what customers need, what they like best about the business, and what they can improve.Examples of customer service in social networks in Mexico
When I talk to someone in Betting Email List or business, you hear a lot: No, that doesn’t work in Mexico. I answer – And have you tried? -No, but I know it doesn’t work.How the hell do you know something’s not working if you haven’t tried? That is not understanding empathy and therefore not social networks.In Mexico it seems that the only thing that companies do is not respond to mentions and questions, ignore potential customers or only ask users to send DM.In 2016, Spee Dee practically did not respond to calls on social networks from her clients, with many asking questions or complaining on their social networks.Do you think that saying that you are going to follow up works for clients? We have news: It doesn’t work for them!Here are some unanswered. Imagine how risky a machine shop is that generates these comments … and also does not follow up on them.

3 months of silence … obviously they don’t have CM or they did something to his car too and he quit his job.
This person includes the Profeco in the conversation saying that Spee Dee put their lives at risk.And on Facebook, the same …Very well, I have never been a customer of this brand, so if I come across these comments, do they make me want to take my car to that workshop? Obviously not.Now I ask you how customers would buy from someone who doesn’t mind spending time serving their own customers?But this is not just a problem in the automotive industry. It is a problem in all industries in Mexico.Examples of the tourism industry in customer service.In the area of ​​travel, things are not very different. They have no idea how to use social media for tourism .

Did you notice that they respond with a man’s name? It’s a girl! … very good Aeromexico … Pfff!Some more… of many hotels that have no idea how to attract customers .And this is epic …
Customer service with social networksReflections on customer service in social networks
Brands: Having a page on Facebook and Twitter is not the same as having a strategy. Many of you have no idea what that word even means apparently.This is the way to get it right when it comes to customer service.
Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, provided a lesson in using social media effectively. When a Tesla car owner complained about other consumers, Musk took their feedback seriously.This is the story of Loic Le Meur, the client:“I was recently driving to a meeting in Silicon Valley and had to charge my Tesla. I decided to stop at the San Carlos supercharger on my way to Palo Alto and there were 5 other Tesla cars waiting in line to get a cargo space. The drivers appeared to have gone elsewhere while their cars were charging. The supercharger in San Carlos is located within walking distance of Whole Foods, Peet’s Coffee, a gym and some restaurants. Many people therefore leave their cars parked on the charger even after their cars have finished charging. ”
Loic Le Meur decided to tweet Elon Musk to alert him to the problem.Within minutes, Elon, Tesla’s co-founder, promised to take actionAccording to Econsultancy, 71 percent of customers want answers within five minutesAccording to Econsultancy, 71 percent of customers want answers within five minutes.Just six days later, Tesla announced the following policy on its official website :“We designed the Supercharger network to allow for a seamless and enjoyable road trip experience. Therefore, we understand that it can be frustrating to arrive at a station only to discover fully loaded cars taking up all the places. To create a better experience for everyone, we are introducing a quota that aims to increase the availability of the Supercharger. ”

The ad reminded Tesla owners that the company’s app alerts them once their car is almost fully charged, adding: “For every additional minute a car remains connected to the Supercharger, it will incur a fee of $ 0.40 ”. (Payment is waived if the car moves in five minutes.)That’s called customer service!If you take a look at the responses on Twitter by Elon Musk, you will immediately see that he knows how to use the platform. Responds regularly to customer questions and complaints.Social networks are one of the greatest opportunities that companies in all industries have to connect directly to consumers, but in Mexico you can find abandoned accounts, outdated pages, unanswered questions, companies ignoring followers and customers.Companies have much more opportunities than ever, but what do they do with them? Not much.
Social networks are full of data, but are Mexican companies taking advantage of it or wasting it? The data is there, waiting to be compiled and analyzed.Sight:I want to go to Puerto Vallarta?The tourism account in Puerta Vallarta listens when they mention it but it is not enough.Hahaha Are we waiting for you? It’s a bad joke. What they need is you to tell them how.The social listening is important to listen to real conversations and better understand potential customers. It is a key part of customer service.Listening to customer opinions about products or services is important. This creates a relationship between customer and brand. By asking for customer feedback and listening to them, you also build that; You are communicating important messages to them: that your business cares about them, that it values ​​their opinion to improve the products.There you have plenty of reasons to offer better customer service on social networks starting right now; examples that you should not follow and an example that teaches in the use of social networks. What other benefits can you think of for offering the best possible customer service?If you know of a business in Mexico, that is a good example, that answers questions and builds relationships with potential clients, will you share links to check out, please? We read them in the comments, or visit our group on Faceboook to continue talking on the subject … and if you are interested in an even better service, we are also here to help you every week with our newsletter by subscribing to the content .

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