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Why study abroad?


Why study abroad?

Studying outside of your country has as many advantages as personal challenges. For many students, studying abroad could be the only opportunity to travel for a long Communication Directors Email Lists of time, it can even become a single opportunity in life, since eventually you will find work and a career where you do not have the time to live this. experience. You are probably on a different continent and at the same time much closer to places that you have never had the opportunity to visit. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the world, learn about their culture , even learn a second or third language.. From my experience, moving to another country alone has helped me to become independent, to be a more responsible person and capable of making decisions for myself .

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One of the most important reasons why I decided to study abroad was the opportunity to experience different styles of teaching and to see a different side of my concentration than I had seen in my country.

As a student of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing at Pompeu Fabra University, I have had the opportunity to further train myself in my concentration. I have acquired an essential knowledge of everything that the development of an eCommerce entails . From how to build and segment a database , how to use SEO tools to bring my appropriate ads and messages to my target market, what is the Betting Email List structure for a homepage and shopping cart, to the importance of what metrics should be measuredto improve every aspect of an eCommerce and many other things that are essential to be able to develop and grow professionally in the digital world .

Education is essential on any study trip. Choosing the right program and school are very important factors in your training. The modern world revolves around technology and more and more industries are using the digital world as the main tool of globalization . My greatest motivation is to contribute effectively to this changing world and to be an innovative digital marketing professional . This is why I have chosen the Barcelona School of Management at Pompeu Fabra University, to serve as a bridge for me to prepare myself with the best possible education for the world of work.

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