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Why is not my internet marketing working?


Why is not my internet marketing working?

social networks but then stops publishing, it does not care if they are mentioned, it ignores everyone.It is not the only case of how not to do things. Just take a look at the thousands Accounting Directors Email Lists of accounts that have to do with tourism to be disappointed, despite the fact that Mexico is always among the 10 countries with the highest number of tourists. What’s in it for them on social media?Bad treatments Terrible customer service Silence
It is as if the tourists are shouting: “Dear business, we are doing everything to give you our money, but it seems that you do not want it. Pay attention to us. ” But not even that works.

Accounting Directors Email Lists

According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on social media and messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp increased a staggering 400% last year. Companies are beginning to realize that they need to communicate with users where they already are, but in Mexico it is the opposite. Business owners in Mexico are impatient and just want people to buy as soon as they put an ad on Facebook… It won’t happen! They get frustrated that social media doesn’t work if it’s used the wrong way. The results of content Betting Email List and social networks take time.

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