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Why is my internet marketing not working?


Why is my internet marketing not working?

Not having results with a digital VP Design Officers Email Lists strategy can have to do with many mistakes, these are VERY common. Do you make theWhat will you find in this content?That doesn’t work in MexicoI want results

7 reasons why you can’t blame someone else for not having results
What do you need?Reflections of tourism marketing”If you are not on the Internet, you do not exist.” In other words, if your business doesn’t have a website, blog, or social media presence, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Did you know that in Mexico there are many businesses like this? What excuse can a business have for not having a website in 2017?You want them to visit your business, you want them to buy, but they don’t know you exist, nor do you help them find you. I mean, do you want new clients but don’t give them reasons to be?I know you are not ready to read the truth but I have to tell you: DO NOT EXPECT RESULTS! THEY WILL NOT ARRIVE!That doesn’t work in MexicoIn Mexico there are never too many issues to complain about. And all those complaints make me want to criticize and inspire me to write.
Today’s topic is you. If you are a business owner in Mexico, have a startup or are considering launching a startup soon, it is urgent that you know this.I am from Macedonia and in the four months that I have been in Mexico I have spoken with many business owners about marketing. They all have one thing in common. None of them are satisfied with the results their business generates.Mexicans are stubborn, but business owners should focus their stubbornness on innovative strategies and content marketing instead of continuing to use the same strategies from 30 years ago and repeating all the time that nothing works.”That doesn’t work in Mexico” is the favorite excuse of all business owners and startups. And have you tried? MMM. No, but I know it doesn’t work. Oh perfect. And how on earth do you know it doesn’t work if you haven’t tried it ?Repeating the phrase “Nothing works” or “That does not work in Mexico” will not solve the problem or attract customers to your store, whether physical or online. What will get results is a combination of content marketing , SEO, a solid presence on social networks, email marketing.How to use Pinterest for MarketingI want resultsI’m not saying you don’t want to see results. If you launch a startup or have an obvious business that wants to generate results. The question is what are you doing to get them?If you want to blame someone for not having results, better take a look in the mirror.You are on the way between the results.You are what prevents them.It’s like saying: I’m not interested enough to try to find alternatives and options that make things work for my business. Another excuse on the list of excuses if you ask me, is the attitude of complicating rather than solving. Is it just fear of the changes that digital presence implies for business or is it fear of success?

Chief and VP of Design Email Lists

7 reasons why you can’t blame someone else for not having results
1. Using strategies that don’t work doesn’t help at all.

2. Using traditional marketing that solves nothing.

3. Take no chances. You have to do what no one is willing to do to get results. For that you need guts .

4. Avoid experiments. If you don’t experiment there is no way to know if something works or not. Sure, you can implement the best practices for your sector but that is not enough to differentiate yourself from other businesses on social media.

5. Don’t create content that engages, educates, entertains and inspires . There is too much mediocre content. It does not work. It is wasting time instead of getting results.

6. Do not listen or analyze what people say on social networks. Tourism, for example, is one of the industries that has thousands of opportunities to take advantage of listening to and analyzing people’s wishes, but businesses in the tourism industry in Mexico do not even listen when they mention them.

7. Not responding to comments and questions on social media . Ignoring potential customers is the worst thing you can do if you want .

8. Just wait for a miracle to happen and for everyone to come to your physical or online store to give you their money. Waiting for people to come by for a miracle and start buying everything your business offers is a waste of timeWhat do you need?If business owners want results they need a good strategy and content , answer questions, get conversions. It is not just about doing content marketing : you have to do things right; creating mediocre content does not help at all; it’s better to do nothing than create content that doesn’t help anyone … a truth SOME Betting Email List magazines out there should understand.We are in 2017, the client is the one who commands and the one who has the money, as always but in addition to all that, he has social networks and has the power to make a mess if a company does not treat him well, as he deserves. Or if you prefer to say, it has the power to ruin the reputation of your businessAfter a reputational crisis on social media, it’s not easy to regain trust. A reputation crisis can be prevented. Think about the importance of reviews for hotels or tourist companies, restaurants, mechanical workshops, etc.It seems that before demanding results from the person in charge of marketing, you should give him the freedom to do what works, to experiment, because today a tactic may work but tomorrow it may not.
This means communicating with potential customers the way they want, when they want, and on whatever channel they want.Don’t expect results on social media:if you are only interested in selling.
if you don’t think about your audience.
if you have a presence on all social networks .
if you don’t listen, analyze, and measure.
if you don’t ask questions.
if you ignore potential customers.
Your content must be
entertaining andUseful.
Educational means creating content that educates about things potential customers are unaware of. It does not mean creating and sharing the same content that other businesses share. Educational content doesn’t sell directly, but that’s exactly what builds trust with potential and current customers. Educational content is relevant and does not self-promote the business.Entertaining content is necessary because it entertains the audience in a way that no other brand can. It has to do with the voice and history of the brand, something that no other brand has. Entertaining potential customers does not mean talking about the products and the company.Helpful means content that answers a specific question. It is useful content for followers and potential customers, answering the questions they ask. Helpful isn’t content that the business thinks is helpful, but content that actually helps potential customers.Reflections of tourism marketingWhy tourism businesses simply ignore everyone who complains on Twitter, who asks questions or dreams of visiting one of the millions of beautiful places in Mexico – regardless of whether they are Mexican or from anywhere in the world. They wait for someone to listen to them, help them, but no one responds.They are your potential clients, potential guests to your hotel . But it seems that hotel owners like to see empty rooms.Do you like to be ignored? I imagine you answered no. Your followers don’t love the idea either, believe it.I use Spee Dee a lot as a bad example of using social media. I’m not doing it for being a disappointed customer like those who complain on Twitter. Not because they did something to me, although they didn’t reply to my tweets either. I do it so they can see what happens when a business decides to have a presence on social networks but then stops publishing, it does not care if they are mentioned, it ignores everyone.It is not the only case of how not to do things. Just take a look at the thousands of accounts that have to do with tourism to be disappointed, despite the fact that Mexico is always among the 10 countries with the highest number of tourists. What’s in it for them on social media?

Bad treatments
Terrible customer serviceSilenceIt is as if the tourists are shouting: “Dear business, we are doing everything to give you our money, but it seems that you do not want it. Pay attention to us. ” But not even that works.According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on social media and messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp increased a staggering 400% last year. Companies are beginning to realize that they need to communicate with users where they already are, but in Mexico it is the opposite. Business owners in Mexico are impatient and just want people to buy as soon as they put an ad on Facebook… It won’t happen! They get frustrated that social media doesn’t work if it’s used the wrong way. The results of content marketing and social networks take time.So what is your decision? Have any business or a business that inspires people to buy? It depends on you. If you have questions, leave us a comment. Visit our group on Facebook to continue talking about the topic or any topic that has to do with marketing or learn how to be a better marketer by leaving your email to receive weekly tips.

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