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Why is Conversational Marketing an opportunity in the midst of the current crisis?


Why is Conversational Marketing an opportunity in the midst of the current crisis?

Few predicted what was coming and no one was prepared for the health crisis we are going through; However, as happens cyclically in history, great possibilities also arise from a great crisis. This scenario opens up the opportunity for us to improve the quality of our relationships and interactions between human beings and this also includes the way in which companies relate to their customers.

Many companies have begun to bet on conversational marketing and the current situation motivates us to believe that this is a powerful alternative, with important advantages when it comes to establishing close and personalized relationships with our clients. We must take into account how quickly content marketing, mindful Spain Business Phone List , improved customer experience and artificial intelligence are advancing to achieve proper personalization.

In the following article we will discover what conversational marketing is and how it works , as well as the advantages of implementing it at a key moment in the evolution of digital marketing.

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What is conversational marketing?
It is the type of marketing that is based on the construction of a personal and two-way dialogue with a client or group of clients. In the age of social media and the ability to detect individual behaviors and specific areas of interest of users online, companies no longer have alibis: they have to converse with their current and potential customers in a personalized way. Thus, conversational marketing emphasizes the generation of value by maintaining conversations in real time, more personalized, close and human with customers.

The relationship that is established is more direct, in such a way that it perceives a greater degree of accessibility and a faster connection with customers can be established to generate greater Betting Email List opportunities . To do this, they must be able to interpret all available user data and, above all, they must commit to talking with them, not as an indistinct mass, or categorized only on the basis of specific socio-demographic catalogs, but developing a unique and particular dialogue with each person.

Most popular and used tools in conversational marketing
We must bear in mind that there are differences between small, medium and large companies regarding the number of users with whom they interact, because when a large number of users come into contact, it is extremely difficult to manage particularly deep conversations. Therefore, the strategies that will be used will respond to the needs of the companies according to their own needs.

It is one of the strategies that are gaining ground with greater force today. By programming a chatbot well, it is possible to give the user the feeling of chatting with a real operator. This is integrated into the web and the user can start a conversation at any time and will get immediate answers appropriate to their doubts or questions thanks to its previous configuration. It is important to note that it allows us to automate the simplest answers that our clients need, but we will also know which are the more complex answers that must be attended by a person. Related to this, a new figure has emerged in the digital and work world called the BOTMASTER [1] .

Source: image extracted from the web https://www.keralaviajes.com/

Source: image extracted from the web https://www.keralaviajes.com/

Unlike chatbots, in these services you will not be able to see a list of frequently asked questions or relevant content. But it will notify the client that in X minutes, company personnel will contact him or her to solve all their doubts, through that same chat window or button on the social network.

With these options it is possible that the waiting times for the user will go up a bit, since immediacy is one of the main characteristics of chatbots. However, more personalized and complex doubts can be answered, for which points are scored with the client.

There is the possibility of integrating live chat through the WhatsApp and Facebook messenger button on the web, so they will appear as a window in the lower right or left part of the web. This makes it easier for the user to contact the company’s customer service.

travel chatbot

Source: image extracted from the web https://www.keralaviajes.com/

Not only the above, but also the content production should aim to create conversations between the public and the company. Texts, images and videos must be as capable as possible of awakening in users the desire to interact. This can be done directly through comments, shares or likes, but also through the use of chats that put the user in direct contact with the company’s online office.

In general, in 2020 the most effective digital marketing strategies will be those that will be able to personally involve users and lead them to a direct and personal relationship with the company and its operators. Never before has the statement in the Cluetrain Manifesto [2] (1999) that “markets are conversations” found its full application in winning digital marketing strategies.

Summary of the main advantages of conversational marketing:
Immediacy : without a doubt the main advantage is the speed of the service, it saves the time of entering mail or registering.
Personalization : after the Covid19 crisis, it is more than ever essential to address each person taking into account their preferences and needs. Conversational marketing allows the person to ask specific questions about specific services or products and get tailored answers.
Confidence : generating conversations increases user confidence, especially when looking for answers.
Closeness : improve the user experience through a more fluid, direct and natural interaction, even when using bots.
Data collection : brands will receive a large flow of information about users who have interacted with chatbots. By crossing this with other systems (automation, CRM, etc.), the chatbot will provide companies with a large part of the behavior of customer information.
Better results : accompanying the client throughout the purchase process or in any of their needs, we will increase the probability that they will make a purchase.
Brand image: the possibility of showing the character of the brand is growing through witty or funny responses that accompany our positioning in the customer’s mind.
Add-on : Incorporating conversational marketing as part of our efforts, even if the business already has other methods of communicating with customers (customer service forms or email), it all adds up to improving the user experience.

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