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Why include Snapchat in your marketing strategy


Why include Snapchat in your marketing strategy

Its use in new generations and the premise of immediacy make this application an attractive tool to reach new generations.
I downloaded the app a couple of months ago, almost obliged by my cousins ​​from VP Design Officers Email Lists . But, do you know what led me to write this post? I do an internship at Ogilvy and through internal mail I receive Newsletters from different magazines, blogs, and marketing websites where news about the Snapchat revolution appears almost every week . Apparently my cousins’ recommendations weren’t so absurd!

Chief and VP of Design Email Lists

To this is added that while attending the Social Media Marketing Day in Barcelona a few days ago , I had the opportunity to see Pedro Rojas’s presentation , “Two tools that you will surely have to know in depth and use in 2016: Snapchat as a Social Media strategy and Growth Hacking Marketing, the new digital strategy. ” Do you think there are few reasons to write this post? Certainly not.
Wikipedia explains Snapchat as “a Betting Email List 
application dedicated to sending files, which” disappear “from the recipient’s device between one and ten seconds after they have been viewed. The application allows users to take photos, record videos, add texts and drawings and send them to a limited contact list. These videos and photographs are known as “Snaps” and users can control the time during which they will be visible, after which they will disappear from the recipient’s screen and will be deleted from the Snapchat server ”. Aha… They disappear! There are some of the reasons why at first I did not see much sense in this app, although now I understand that for brands it will have it, and more and more!

Let’s make a reflection: on Facebook we upload photos, videos and comments, but right that almost nobody – unless they are ” stalking ” their partner – visits a profile to see what someone uploaded last week? In the case of a fashion brand Fan Page, for example, we will not see the past collection. We want to see what’s hot today, because trends change faster and faster. This is the premise that wanted to avail Snapchat: the immediacy . In our life, there are moments that are unique, that do not repeat themselves … Snapchat is like life itself.
If I still can’t convince you to include Snapchat in your digital strategy , let’s see what you think after learning about the data I have collected from various industry news: – According to a report published by BI Intelligence , the sharing of stories on Snapchat increased 100% in the two months prior to the release of the report in question. Stories are attracting 1 billion views a day and a total of 760 million photos and videos are posted daily. And keep in mind that Snapchat will continue to grow in the coming years . – 71% of Snapchat users are under 25 years old . However, only 1% of sellers use the platform.

– Snapchat launches its Api ; advertising management tool that will improve the effectiveness of advertising and that will allow brands to reach consumers more effectively, segmenting by age, gender or place of residence.

– 58% of university students in the US and Europe say they would buy a product if the brand sends the coupon through the App.

These are reasons enough to at least begin to be interested. In addition, I think there is an even more important reason for those of us who are studying digital marketing : knowing and investigating these types of tools is an added value as professionals.

A fact to highlight: “1% of sellers use this tool” the other 99% need someone who knows how to incorporate platforms like this into their strategic digital marketing plan.

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