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Why do we buy brands and why are they so influential in purchasing decisions?


Why do we buy brands and why are they so influential in purchasing decisions?

At present, two opposing trends coexist: we are, or at least we think we are, less brand-name, more willing to abandon any firm for another that promises us something better, but at the same time the emotional connection with the brands is greater, as evidenced by the fact that the emotions that buy chinese mobile arouse in us are similar to those that our best friends produce in us. But beyond both extremes, it is clear that a brand name continues to have a huge influence on our purchasing decisions, and we can see this in an interesting infographic from Invesp . 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands that we already know; And that we already know does not necessarily mean that we have already tried it, in many cases that a name sounds enough to us to generate more confidence than a brand whose name we have never heard before. Also, 21% have ever bought a new product simply because it was from a brand they knew they liked. Of course, brand loyalty varies greatly depending on the product being purchased: it rises in technological products such as smartphones and tablets , cars or financial services (where it exceeds 40%) and decreases in household items, hotels and clothing. Interestingly, in fashion there is a big difference between men (30% are loyal to certain clothing brands) and women (where only 16% are). Although in this type of product the difference is more striking, in all product categories men are more loyal to their brands than women.


But women do trust the opinion of other women, at least mothers: 28% are more likely to buy brands that their friends follow on Facebook. And it is that social networks have become an essential platform for brands: 9 out of 10 social network users follow a brand, and 38% have recommended those brands that they follow on social networks. Excitement, a rising value For a brand to connect with a consumer, it is not enough for it to comply with a series of rational conditions such as the Betting Email List price, service or effectiveness of the product. All this is necessary, but in order to make you fall in love, you must also bring a certain emotional intensity. And in fact, brands that appeal to emotions get triple the word of mouth than others considered colder. But if you ask the consumer what values ​​the brand should convey: reliability is the key. 31% of consumers consider this the most important, followed by creativity (29%), intelligence (23%), authenticity (22%) or trust (21%). In addition, love is usually at first sight: 59% of consumers say that when a brand becomes a favorite it happens right after the first purchase. And yes, we can talk about love when talking about favorite brands, not in vain the concept of lovemark is in full swing. How to build a strong brand? When a consumer acquires a brand, they are not buying just a product, but also an experience, an image, and that is why the emotional bond is so important. But in addition, there are other factors that influence so that the name of a brand becomes, for the consumer, a guarantee of a happy purchase: relevance (that really responds to the needs of its customers), differentiation (that it offers -or of the sensation of offering – a different positioning), authenticity (that transmits credible values), presence (that is, almost almost, omnipresent) and consistency (that its image is coherent through different moments and channels).

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