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Why did I start my own business


Why did I start my own business

Although you encounter difficulties along the way, the illusion and feeling of freedom make being an entrepreneur worthwhile.
Until recently I considered all my entrepreneurial friends (which are not many) weirdos of society. For me, their lives lacked stability and security, without a clear VP R&D Email Lists , eternal rebellious dreamers in the face of social pressure to mature and find a conventional job.A year ago I felt totally disconnected from this word, but life is taking you on the path of the things that you have to live and if you take the opportunity, you can even learn from all of them.

Chief and VP of R&D Email Lists

Almost all of my work experience has been as an employee in companies, most of them multinational. I have learned a lot about people, processes and hierarchies; I’ve developed and improved skills, found great Betting Email List along the way, and even made good friends. I can say that I have almost always been happy, feeling fulfilled and motivated. But one day I realized that I was following a path that others had traced for me, I was no longer leading my life and when I became aware of it, everything stopped making sense.

I decided to change course, start my own company and at the same time train in Digital Marketing . Now that I am an entrepreneur , I deeply admire all those who are. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely path, you fight through thick and thin to carry out an illusion, you develop skills that you didn’t even know you had, becoming a messenger, receptionist, computer scientist, lawyer, accountant, salesperson, manager … You realize that almost nobody knows about anything Neither the experts nor the public system give you clear solutions, you learn that in the end the solutions only depend on you and that you always have to fight them hard. And yet despite all the efforts, all the struggles, the wear and tear and loneliness, there is a part of this experience that makes it all worthwhile: the feeling of hope and freedom.

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