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Why choosing a hosting can affect your SEO


Why choosing a hosting can affect your SEO

The million dollar question for those who have websites is usually always the same: why is my website not ranking? This question has persisted since Google has begun to make its algorithm increasingly complex.In addition, with the hosting plans more accessible every day, you have surely wondered: how does the hosting service affect the quality of the SEO of my website? What follows this is a discussion that could go on for quite some time, as there are different points of view on this.Remember that Google keeps its algorithm secret, however, periodically it gives some clues about which criteria it gives the most importance to.In this article I want to explain in detail why it is canada mobile number to make a good choice of your hosting plan and how this will affect your SEO.list_altIndex of contents
What impact does the choice of hosting have on SEO?
The 5 hosting factors that affect SEO
What impact does the choice of hosting have on SEO?
The impact that hosting has on the SEO of your website is directly related to the decision-making process about the company or hosting plan to choose.You might think that SEO begins with the selection of keywords on which to write content, however, I go much further and dare to say that this is not the case. Search engine optimization starts from the very choice of a provider or web hosting plan .


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A good hosting company will not increase your position in the Google ranking nor will it ensure a place in the top 10 results, however, a bad choice can completely ruin your chances of having authority with any search engine.There are 5 factors to consider in a hosting service. But 2 of them, the availability time and the loading speed of your website , are key factors that affect the quality of your SEO and can fluctuate from month to month requiring constant monitoring.What to do if we see a problem with these factors
If you see a problem with any of these issues then it is imperative that you contact your Betting Email List provider immediately. You don’t have to assume that they know in advance that there is a problem, since many times this problem falls on the implementation of the website (plugin failure, poor optimization of the appearance of the website, etc.) But also bad servers or poor security implementations by the company can result in notorious problems in this regard.That is why I personally recommend that you avoid hiring a hosting service for long periods of time , since you should be able to move if you are not satisfied.The 5 hosting factors that affect SEO
Knowing these 5 factors will help you to know what problems you may have and thus keep your eyes open to find the best hosting for SEO.1. Web loading speed
Although search engine positioning algorithms are usually secret, many times certain guidelines are published to take into account in order to “like them”.In 2010, Google published that the loading speed of a web page is one of the multiple factors that it takes into account to classify a web in the first positions.It seems somewhat insignificant, but I show you a test: Searching for the keyword “adopt kittens”, and passing the first three results through the Pingdom measurement website, we see the following:hosting seo loading speedThe first three results have speeds equal to or less than 1.5 seconds load . So we could confidently say that you should try to keep your website loading at these speeds.However, many times above-average load times do not mean that your hosting provider is immediately to blame. Sometimes this speed is directly related to the implementation and configuration of your website.How can you tell if the problem belongs to your hosting provider? Easy: the first thing you can do is upload a website in plain text or simple HTML and run various tests to visualize the pure speed. And if you have your website on WordPress then you could do the testing with a clean install.

If speeds are still bad, then it’s time to contact a support agent at your hosting service and tell them what happned. Most likely they will move your website to another server.It is common for a website to share server resources with hundreds of other sites, and the greater the number of sites on a server, the greater the number of resources used by the sites and therefore the slower your site will be. Web. This usually happens with shared hosting plans (which I will talk about later).2. Availability time (uptime)
The time of availability, or ‘uptime’ in English, is the total amount of time that your website will be accessible to the public during a given period of time.The robots that search engines use to find websites and index them usually make tours of each of the pages, and if they visit several times and the website is down, they will go to the next site and ignore the one that is down.If this happens frequently, your site will be flagged as untrustworthy and your ranking may drop significantly. Search engines would not want to show untrustworthy sites in their results because it reflects poorly on them if people searching for content click on a result and then find the site inaccessible.Raiola Networks Hosting SSD
Even 99% uptime means your site will be inaccessible for about 7 hours in total over the course of a month. The ideal would be 100% availability, but I’m sorry to tell you that this is very rare.You should not accept any plan that offers less than 99.9% uptime to maintain good SEO quality.3. Shared hosting issues
A shared hosting plan may seem cheap at first glance. I remind you of the adage that says “cheap ends up being expensive.” Shared hosting allows you to host multiple websites on a single physical server that is shared among many clients.Unfortunately, Google does not prefer websites hosted on shared servers, as they often have many issues that compromise SEO ethics. Also, the biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is spamming . These cheap hosting providers serve anyone, even if they are a spammer.hosting seo serversIf you have a spammer on the same server where your website is hosted then it is highly likely that you are directly affected both the ranking and the authority of your website. In addition, a shared hosting will not provide you with good speed, reliability and scalability, even if it seems the best company in the world.Shared hosting servers are often attacked due to their lack of security, which can result in data theft or your website being compromised.Is it possible to know who resides on your same server? There are strategies to do this, but it is not always effective. Through this website you can do a check to see if there are other websites hosted on the same IP.4. SSD storage technology
Several people say that web hosting companies using SSD storage have faster service.For those who are not familiar with this technology I can explain that the term HDD refers to the conventional mechanical rotary disk storage method. Meanwhile, SSD operates with integrated circuits and electronics similar to that of flash memory. Fundamentally, both are units for storing data.Some do not use SSDs because they are often an expensive technology to implement and maintain. In addition, implementing cheap SSDs often leads to long-term server performance problems.It is a known fact that SSDs provide much more “horsepower” than HDDs, and they are gradually becoming a standard in quality hosting companies.5. Location of servers
In addition to a number of other factors (content, backlinks, etc.), in order for the most relevant search results to show up, search engines also consider a website’s location when deciding where to place it in their rankings.For example, in the previous case I have put “adopt kittens” in Google and it has shown me those places where I can do it in Spain (more specifically in Madrid). If I were in Los Angeles, it would show me the websites to adopt these anmals that are located in that urban area of ​​the United States.hosting seo server location

To find out the location of your website, these search engines use various indicators, such as your site’s IP address and domain extension (TLD). The IP address of your site depends on the location of the server linked to your own hosting.The flip side is that your site will rank lower in search results when people search for these same keywords in other countries. However, the SEO quality of your website can still be ranked well in one country, even when your hosting has its servers in another country. It just makes it a bit more difficult to do, and there’s no point in creating extra work for yourself if you can help it.Remember to check the following with an agent of the hosting company you want to hire:Where do you have your data center?
Can I choose on which server to locate my website?
Can I choose a Spanish IP (or the country where you are)?
The selection of a company or hosting plan is a very important decision. You can take two paths: choose a good service that complies with what I have highlighted above, or choose a cheap plan and pray that everything goes well.Maintaining the SEO quality of your website will depend notoriously on the quality of your hosting service. Marketing efforts will be in vain if you choose a mediocre option.The good news is that there are many options to choose from if you are looking for a hosting company. In case you have already made a bad choice, then it is time for you to look for a better company. How to choose the best hosting? Before hiring a service, you can try free hosting services to learn about the subject, practice and know what the needs of your website are in advance.Do you have any tips that I have not mentioned? Feel free to share it in the comment section.

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