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What your consumer wants … on social media


What your consumer wants … on social media

What brands offer is NOT what consumers want. Here is a study that shows the differences.
What will you find in this content?What do consumers want on social media?Brand personality … what they wantIs it valid for all brands?Brands want engagement but very few get it. True engagement in social networks is something that the vast majority of brands fail to achieve. Why is it? Well, the reason is more than clear. They only want to receive and do not want to give anything in return. And you know, that’s how things work in an imaginary world, but since we live in the real world, you have to work hard, invest time and create content that is not only useful but also content that appears in Google search to get results.
What do consumers want on social media?A SocialFlow study found that 99% of organic posts on social media generate little or no engagement; that…Only 1% of everything published takes almost all the likes, retweets, shares and comments.Impatient brands are focused on creating ads to sell their products. Not having patience in the world of digital VP Financial Email Lists means chasing after likes and numbers of followers on social media. Chasing those kinds of metrics distracts from the really important metrics like comments, conversations, and conversions. But it is understandable, it feeds the ego … and there are many business owners who enjoy seeing many likes in their publications on social networks, although they have never seen a like transform into a dollar.Every effort in the virtual world must produce profits in the real world.Instead, smart brands focus on:create communities of people interested in your purposes and products,
encourage conversations,offer an unforgettable experience ,not ignoring potential customers when they ask questions,offer content that helps, entertains and inspires them .That’s the way to not only get sales but to get brand ambassadors who recommend the products to your friends, family and followers without having to ask them. To get to that point you don’t need thousands of ads, but rather listen carefully, be aware of likes, dislikes, problems and offer solutions that no one else can offer.Of course … this has nothing to do with what brands really want; But it has everything to do with what social media users want from business on these platforms.

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This is alarming:only one message in ten receives a response from brands.it takes 11 hours for an average brand to respond to messages on social media. Unanswered messages on social mediaDear brands, let’s clarify something once and for all: nobody, I repeat NOBODY has 11 hours in 2017 to wait for a response to a message, comment or question.Ignoring users on social media is ignoring the simplest way to build relationships with them.3 out of 4 users appreciate a sense of humor from Betting Email List . It is not necessary to be a serious business that does not know how to talk or entertain followers.3 in 4 consumers want brands with a sense of humorNobody understands why brands get into politics. 71% of social media users think that is annoying. Nobody cares about that. Understand it once and for all.Brand personality … what they wantBrand personality: the more authentic a brand can be, the better the results
Brand personality is what connects the product to consumers. It reflects what the company stands for. The brand personality is unique.These are the behaviors consumers want from brands on social media:
what kind of behavior do brand users expect on social mediaLook at the Wendy’s case. There is no other brand that responds like her on Twitter:Nor are there many brands as original as Oreo and TacoBell.



Most consumers want brands that are honest (86%), helpful (78%), and friendly (83%). Users want brands to use social networks as a channel for customer service … something that almost does not exist in Mexico.Volaris let me wait three and a half hours for this answerYou can imagine what happened when I called the number. If you thought that no one answered, you are absolutely right.When a brand chooses to expose its personality it can be as important to connect with its audience as what it says on social media. Sprout Social found that, across all age groups, 83% of consumers want to see a brand’s personality… especially on Facebook.on which platforms users expect brand personalityYouTube is the second search engine, behind only Google, and 48% of users want brands to show their personality through video.Where else do users want to see personality? This graph shows the response and it does so by millennials and Gen X / Boomers.in which social networks millennials prefer brand personality vs. other generationsFor this reason, it is very important to invest time to understand who your audience is on each platform and then know what your consumers want . You need to ask yourself:Why does your audience use each platform?What kind of content are you expecting?What inspires them to interact with a brand?Once you answer these questions and develop buyer personas, you can determine whichplatforms you should display your personality on and which platforms you should continue to use to inform and educate your audience.Your business can’t be everything to everyone. It is necessary to know the brand voice and what it represents. Just as important is joining conversations that are relevant and avoiding those that are not. Talk to your audience the way they speak and provide what they are looking for, not what you want them to seek.50% of consumers say they would stop following a brand that annoys them on social media and 23% say they would never buy again.reactions to behavior by irritating marksShowing a good personality can be as easy as being present and providing value; answering a question from a customer on social media encourages 49% of consumers to buy; 46% are influenced by promotions and contests and 42% say that if brands share educational content, they are very likely to become your customers.what actions by brands inspire purchasesToday, users LOVE brands communicating on video and answering questions.sentiment related to brand behavior on social media

Is it valid for all brands?
Personality is not everything. This is particularly true for certain industries where consumers think that brand personality doesn’t matter as much. For example, 40% of consumers do not want to see the personality of government agencies on social media. The banking and utility industries also do not need to focus their social efforts on displaying personality, as 33% of consumers do not care what traits they display. These are twists where functionality is most important. The media industry tops the list where consumers want to have fun. Other industries where consumers want to see personality are: consumer goods (51.4%), travel and hospitality (50.8%), and the automotive industry (48.6%).in which industries consumers expect to see brand personality looking across all industries, the average response rate for brands is just 12%, and businesses take an average of 11 hours to respond on social media. That’s an hour-long increase from the average time of a year ago.brand and consumer index by industryGetting fans and followers is the first step but things don’t end there. If brands stopped counting fans and followers and focused on building relationships, the results would be different. But the only thing that most businesses care about is selling, selling and selling and that’s why they get nothing.The 3 things that a company needs to be able to sell on social networks are:pay attention to potential customers,
earn your trustavailability of purchase by usersWhat does your brand do to meet the needs of potential customers? Do you know what they want from your business on social media? This study is a good start. The other way is to ask questions and encourage conversations related to your industry. Have you done it or the only thing you care about is sales?

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