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What to study after finishing a Bachelor of Arts


What to study after finishing a Bachelor of Arts

If you just finished a Bachelor of Arts it probably doesnt seem like a good idea now to spend another four years of your life studying a university degree. In addition the professional disciplines associated with the arts are eminently practical and do not require a very theoretical training. This is the case of Graphic Design Web Design Advertising Creativity Digital Marketing or UXUI User Experience . These are disciplines that do not justify studies that are too long and that is why many young people confess when they finish an arts baccalaureate that they prefer to opt for a more specialized more practical and shorter academic program. If you are one of them Aula Creactiva has a solution for you. The It is a program that allows you to acquire a very complete and practical training to facilitate your immediate leap into the professional world.

Higher Degree in Digital Creative Direction

The training you were looking for If you have finished a Bachelor of Arts and now you want to prepare to enter the labor market the is a more than interesting option. It is made up of five Masters that focus on five very specific and at the same time photo background removing complementary professional areas Graphic Design Web Design Advertising Creativity Digital Marketing and UXUI User Experience. By joining these five Masters students can acquire a very broad vision of the sector and gain indepth knowledge of all the professional disciplines that a multidisciplinary creative needs today.

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An academic program for young creatives

Currently both advertising agencies and digital marketing agencies need professionals who can handle graphic design web design or creativity projects with ease. These professionals must combine skills that enable them to design from logos to web pages Betting Email List from banners to posters from apps to brochures from memes to Instagram stories from guerrilla marketing actions to digital products. In other words todays creatives need to be multitasking allrounders. For this reason creatives who have multidisciplinary training today have a clear advantage over creatives who have only been train in a specific area.

Advertising and digital marketing are currently two interconnect disciplines that feed each other and that require the presence of professionals with a very complete training that allows them to function effectively in both worlds. who want to work as soon as possible If you enroll in the in just months you will be able to acquire a very complete training that would cost you more than five years to acquire with other programs. It is an academic program design especially for young people who have just finish.

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