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What should I consider when creating my newsletter?


What should I consider when creating my newsletter?

The concept is not new, and it is quite common that we have our inbox full of newsletters that many times we do not even open. However, in a well applied Inbound Cambodia Phone Number List strategy, a newsletter can be a very powerful tool.

To begin …
Newsletters can vary their content a lot, but something they should all agree on is that they should be previously requested by a user. There are different channels and strategies to achieve this, but it is essential that the final decision is made by a user through an action. Sending content that is difficult for us to create, to users who are not interested in consuming it, will always lead to losses.

Let’s get to work ..
Having said that, we can now set the objectives of our newsletter. Do we want to qualify those leads who signed up? Do we want to disseminate content to work on brand awareness? Do we want to achieve loyalty through relevant content?


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Objectives can be mixed to a greater or lesser extent. What is clear is that they must be defined and always kept in mind to achieve an effective strategy. With this in mind, we can reach the right people, with the right content, at the key moment.

What not to forget ..

The sender and the subject of the email.
It may seem irrelevant, but actually, when opening an email or not, this is the key. Try to keep your messages short and clear. Play up expectations, but don’t get too mysterious. It is important to give confidence and give some information to the user, so that they know that you are Betting Email List content that really interests them. Take advantage of the sender’s space to give that trust to the user, using a personal name and surname (if it makes sense, of course), or the name of the brand. Avoid looking like spam.

The content.

It is very obvious, but it is easy to change paths and start creating the content that interests us as a brand, forgetting what our users want. Don’t forget that the moment someone subscribed to the newsletter, there was an offer or promise for that user. We don’t want to let you down. Always consider what you offered and keep your word.

Sometimes we put it aside, when design is also a powerful tool. A newsletter with a block of information, full of different fonts or with a bad mix of colors, can make us close an email in seconds. We don’t want to confuse anyone, we don’t want to make you dizzy, nor do we want you to have to decide where to focus.
It is best to make it easy to read, highlight only what is worth highlighting, and let the colors be consistent with the brand. We probably already have a color palette chosen for our digital channels. Let’s follow that line to strengthen that association. Creativity is welcome, but always consistent.

Frequency of delivery
A last very important point, although we can surely hone in on a finer thread and find others, is the frequency of our newsletter. This point is again linked to our strategy and our objectives.
Do we generate so much content that it is relevant for us to deliver a daily newsletter? Or actually, we’re fine with being read to once a week. Or maybe I’m only interested in highlighting certain content once a month. I do not know. Every business is different and its frequency may vary. But it is important to stop and think, how often, what I deliver to my user through my newsletter, is worth reading. Harassing my subscribers with emails, or giving them little relevant content to comply with the frequency, can be reasons for unsubscription.

Finally, you learn by trial and error. You have to experiment, test, take risks and improve. Always attentive to the metrics and leaving space for their analysis. It is the best way to make correct and appropriate decisions for each business.

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