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What is SEO Black Hat?


What is SEO Black Hat?

The SEO Black Hat is the way to do SEO in an automated manner or unethical.
On this occasion, we will explain what SEO Black Hat is . But, first of all, I point out the fact that in Google’s eyes no Honduras Phone Number List should exist. According to the information giant, webmasters should only dedicate themselves to generating quality content, leaving the positioning in the hands of search engines. Of course, no one wants to spend hours creating content without any guarantee that it will bring traffic to their website.

Starting from the fact that the natural objective of any SEO action is to place a web page among the first search engine results , we can say that SEO Black Hat has two main objectives:

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1. Carry out SEO actions in a mechanical and automated way.

2. Trick Google robots to position pages whose content does not match the search terms of users. This technique is called cloacking and will be explained later.

As mentioned above, SEO Black Hat consists of carrying out actions that are often unethical and illegal in the eyes of Google. There is no better way to show the reason for these statements than to speak directly about the most common ways to carry out this type of search engine positioning actions.

1. Scrapping: It consists of extracting, in an automated way, information from web pages or Betting Email List engine results . Two examples of this would be the massive scrapping of company emails to create a database, or the measurement of where our website is in search results, for a group of keywords.

Both actions, being totally legal, since they take public information, are frowned upon by the search engine that can block the internet service for your IP if it detects such activity.

2. Spinning: consists of the reissuing of texts by other authors, changing certain words and terms for synonyms, also altering their order so that Google spiders do not detect duplicate content.

In many cases it is used to scrape product sheets from various pages, change their format and some words for synonyms and insert them on their own website. This saves a lot of time since many e-commerce have portfolios of more than 80,000 products.

3. Cloacking: It is a technique that broadly consists of showing different content to users and to the Google robot. This type of technique makes the search engine index and position the contents for a series of keywords , which do not coincide with the contents that said website offers to its users.

Take, for example, a page with video content for adults, undoubtedly a highly competitive sector. This page could use cloacking to position itself, for example, as a page to find a partner, if in that sector there was less competition and the target of both were similar.

4. Spamming: It consists of sending messages in a massive and automated way. These messages are characterized by being unwanted and are usually sent anonymously or under false identifications.

In order to improve SEO, spamming is carried out through comments on forums, blogs and other web pages with the aim of creating a broad link building structure.

Those cited above are the main SEO Black Hat strategies , despite this, there are other ways to carry out SEO actions punishable by Google.

Keep in mind that as search engines make improvements in their algorithms, experts in these types of actions work to find new ways to improve their positioning quickly.

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