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What is Facebook Blueprint?


What is Facebook Blueprint?

Within the world of digital marketing, there are tools and / or platforms available to manage and measure our strategies and actions that we develop with each campaign. Among the best known we have options that will sound more familiar to us such as Google Ads, but we also have tools available to manage and measure campaigns on Thailand Phone Number List such as Facebook. Although it is true that many of us will have carried out a campaign at some time through its simplified option and open to all who have a business page on the network, either because of its simplicity or because of how intuitive it is. There are very useful complements to better understand our investment decisions and scope that we consider with each objective within the business or company. For this, the giant Marc Zuckerberg makes us availableFacebook Blueprint .


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But what is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is a Facebook and Instagram marketing training and certification platform. The objective of this tool, supported by the social network itself, is to get agencies, partners and vendors to specialize in using best practices for advertising campaigns on Facebook. Achieving, in this way, create effective campaigns that boost the results of each business or Betting Email List. With the additional benefit of having access to success stories of real companies of different sectors and sizes.

In addition, after passing the corresponding exams, you can obtain the Official Certification that shows that you are trained to manage advertising campaigns on Facebook.

In addition, after passing the corresponding exams, you can obtain the Official Certification that shows that you are trained to manage advertising campaigns on Facebook.

There are three learning modes with Facebook Blueprint:

ELearning Blueprint. Training program that focuses on teaching best practices on Facebook and Instagram advertising. There are 63 courses grouped into 16 categories. This modality is open to anyone interested in learning more about optimizing the use of Facebook Ads tools.

Blueprint Live . Face-to-face training program that teaches brands to implement the principles of Facebook and Instagram advertising in their digital marketing plans. The workshops are led by Facebook experts and offer interactive exercises as well as the opportunity to develop a media plan for an imaginary client. At the moment you can only participate in Blueprint Live sessions by invitation.

Blueprint Certification . Certification program that assesses knowledge of Facebook advertising products and services. For this it will be necessary to pass some exams that will give the option of obtaining certain certifications and official Facebook badges.
In this way, you can become a Facebook certified advertiser in each of the two areas of knowledge identified:

A) Facebook Certified Planning Professional: This is the most advanced level of the Blueprint program. It was designed to test Facebook marketing knowledge through rigorous proctored exams. Awarded to digital advertising professionals who specialize in planning successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Professional in purchases certified by Facebook: Certification granted to professionals in digital advertising who specialize in the creation and purchase of advertising on Facebook, seeking the maximum impact on the campaign.

Finally, Facebook Blueprint is a free e-learning alternative that will help us to better understand, plan and manage our communication actions, in addition to reaching our potential audience more effectively on the main social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

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