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What is expected of influencers in the face of Covid-19


What is expected of influencers in the face of Covid-19

What will you find in this content?
Changes in the new paradigm
And the influencers?
Changes in the shopping cart
What should brands and influencers talk about in the face of Covid-19?
What is the role of influencers in the face of Covid-19?
And what do consumers expect from influencers in the face of Covid-19?
It is a new paradigm. How long will it last? Nobody knows yet. What will change when the waters settle? How will our way of doing marketing have changed? Difficult to predict … but there are some things that we can know and adjust, such as what attitudes and content influencers should assume when faced with Covid-19.The transformation affects all sectors and Panama Phone Number List, communication and advertising are no exception.

SamyRoad’s agency , specialized in influencer marketing, has produced a report that analyzes the reality that brands and consumers face and how that relationship affects their digital marketing campaigns, and especially those of Influencer Marketing.Consumer behavior has changed. Digital platforms and television have become the most consumed media today .

Changes in the new paradigm
The quarantine for the coronavirus causes everyone to stay at home and digital consumption is promoted. Children, for example, have gone from consuming 76 to 145 minutes of television on average and young people, aged 13 to 24, consume up to 129 minutes, while in previous months they did not exceed 78 minutes.Similarly, adults consume more digital news and seek entertainment on the Internet and television. The use of social networks and chats to socialize has also been strongly promoted and in video games their use has doubled from the usual average.Mobile phones are the best platform to be informed at all times. From there, we consult the news through online newspapers, which have seen their consumption increase in specific sections of the newspaper by 127%.Social networks are another of the main sources to which we turn to be informed. Since January, up to 3 million mentions have been generated about the coronavirus in Spain. In addition, the format that is working the most is video, as in China, where 2 out of 3 people consume news in this format.”Companies must adapt to the present each message they issue”And the influencers? The extent of Covid-19’s impact on ad spend is still unknown, but possible scenarios are a lag in investment or an industry recession. Against this background, influencers have decreased their participation in advertising campaigns since they understand the need to provide content more aligned to the transmission of social messages. At this time, accepting campaigns that are not consistent with the current environment we live in, are not well received by their audiences. See how to do marketing in times of COVID-19 .Brands and influencers have also had to adapt to the situation and launch PR and communication messages that empathize with society.

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It has been proven that the behaviors that develop during a crisis last for the consumer over time, and can be taken as an opportunity to create value relationships with consumers.Changes in the shopping cart
86% of consumers have changed their buying behavior with the Covid-19 crisis and the consumption of basic necessities has increased by 113%. This data, together with the fact that the purchase is practically reduced to ecommerce, means that companies have to tackle new strategies with a focus exclusively on the online format. These strategies are:Boost traffic to ecommerce through digital media and social networks.Increase CRM campaigns and loyalty programs to redirect customers towards online consumption.Facilitate online shopping with free shipping, discounts, contactless delivery option, increase the return period …Avoid price increases, since the image of the company can be devalued if the consumer is aware that the company is trying to take advantage of a health emergency situation.
Brands are committed to social responsibility actionsShowing empathy and being virtually available to customers is critical in times of crisis. Brands must adapt and recognize new social norms that help their audience. Those who learn this need and give it the content that audiences are looking for today, will be able to strengthen the relationship with consumers.

What should brands and influencers talk about in the face of Covid-19?
Today, safety and positive attitudes are the content that consumers most want to find … Ironically, everyone on social networks tends to give more “share” to bad news.What is the role of influencers in the face of Covid-19?Since the concern about Covid-19 began several weeks ago, influencers have maintained their publications on social networks, but these have been undergoing modifications as the situation worsened. Celebrities, macro and micro influencers show their solidarity and empathy with the whole world with a generation of content that more than ever entertains followers under the slogan #YoMeQuedoEnCasa and many other social initiatives that have emerged in recent weeks.The type of content has indeed changed . Now they do not give much prominence to the Instagram feed and work more on stories, direct and Instagram TV. From these formats they carry out challenges, live concerts, exercise routines, recipe ideas, activities to do with children, etc. In general, fun content in order to entertain followers during quarantine.And what do consumers expect from influencers in the face of Covid-19?Consumers criticize brands that do not take social measures and those that emit too much commercial messages. Can brands continue to invest in influencer marketing? , What would be expected of the Influencers before the Covid-19?The audience expects just that empathy that some influencers are transmitting. See the homefluencers .

Social networks have a constructive function that brands must know how to take advantage of. For this, it is recommended to work on an influencer Betting Email List strategy based on different points:The brand should focus on messages that can be executed in the present and not on actions that the user can take in the future.Adapt content to help people directly, making them aware, for example, of the importance of staying home or having good personal hygiene in the face of the virus, and indirectly with content that helps them optimistically manage quarantine (tutorials, services free …).Divide the campaigns, the messages to be transmitted in each campaign must be adapted as the situation evolves, week by week.Monitor the campaigns daily to know the performance of the publications and the content and thus be able to modify possible errors.Carefully select influencers to collaborate with. It is time to invest in influencers who fully know the philosophy and values ​​of the brand and that in this way can speak on its behalf.
Adapt the format and focus on the videos. Also give prominence to Instagram stories and do it in a “more homemade” way or not as professional as usual.Redirect to ecommerce. Being able to generate traffic to ecommerce in the most transparent way possiblefor the consumer.Do you need any advice to know how to keep your business active in these times? Our online consulting and / or training service can support you no matter where you are in the world.

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