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What is each of these RRSS for in our digital strategy?


What is each of these RRSS for in our digital strategy?

How to use the main RRSS in our digital strategy.
Currently, there are many social networks, in this article we will talk about the 4 most used at this time for our digital strategy. First, mention that it is important that you assign a role and order of importance to the content and support material that you will publish on each of the social networks.


Today, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. Having an account and page on Portugal Phone Number List , gives you the opportunity to speak directly with your followers, you can interact by sending internal messages (inbox), make comments on their photos and publications, give “like” and share the publications that you like from your friends or the people you follow.

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If you have a fanpage, this will allow you to be in contact with the people who consume your products, or potential customers who may do so. Betting Email List use it a lot to make themselves known, gain visibility and communicate promotions. Using Facebook is essential is our digital strategy.


This microblogging social network has been growing, but its approach is very different from that of Facebook.

Twitter allows you to be informed , since it is like a kind of “newscast”, depending on who you follow, you will receive feedback from the published information. Many friends use it as a “summary” of news, updates, “gossip”, and so on. Some brands also use it as online assistance, it serves to provide online customer service, also to promote status and products through hashtags.

If you use this tool correctly, it will help you to know what is being said about your brand, give a good after-sales customer service relationship and be able to dialogue with users.


You could say that Instagram is the “visual son” of Facebook, since it is used to publish and enhance images and videos. Brands have taken advantage of this tool to inspire their followers, show their products, create a community, and change the style of publications. It serves to give a more attractive, unique and characteristic touch to your brand and to improve its image.


This last social network is for 100% professional use , it allows you to connect with groups or individuals in the area that interests you, look for work, generate professional ties with people you have met during your time of study, work or simply with those who share common issues in this matter.


In addition to creating a digital strategy, using the main social networks on a daily basis will help create our own identity both personally and professionally.


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