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What is BTL and why use it in your marketing strategy


What is BTL and why use it in your marketing strategy

Learn about innovative guerilla marketing practices to get the attention of your target audience.
The acronym BTL is commonly used in VP Administration Email Lists about advertising and in blogs to refer to certain types of advertising campaigns . And yet it is an unfamiliar term for many people. What do you mean?

The BTL or Below The Line (literally “under the line) is an advertising technique in which it makes use of non-massive marketing communication practices focused on very specific market segments or niches. Thus, it has a lot to do with Guerrilla Marketing

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Normally it is carried out through actions of high creative content , surprise and opportunity, which generates innovative forms and communication channels for advertising messages.

In the case of large brands, BTL actions are usually linked to mass media campaigns ( ATL ), while in the case of startups or small companies, BTL can take the entire (small) marketing budget. Here the lack of money is about compensating with creativity, surprise and opportunity.

We can find BTL in direct marketing, promotional marketing, relationship marketing, sponsorships or merchandising, it all depends on how you approach!

An example of this are the following images of campaigns on billboards, where despite the fact that it is an advertisement in a traditional Betting Email List, the applied creativity leads them to be considered as BTL cases:

An example graph of BTLAnother example of BTL

In this sense, the BTL can be developed using outdoor advertising or any other creative medium that communicates more directly with a specific audience. The slogan is to personalize the message according to the recipient to create a “personalized” and direct relationship.

Following this line, it is logical to understand why in every BTL campaign one of the most important elements should be feedback : in the case of a model based on personalized communication, this is a way to measure its effectiveness, which is why the campaigns appear completely interactive activities that, through traditional or digital media, seek a more personal relationship with the target audience.

Advantages of BTL
In addition to the fact that in many cases its implementation is low-cost, the BTL allows differentiating the message according to target and the context in which it will coexist with the target audience.

And although this may seem obvious, too many times we have seen the same message in ATL replicated in some BTL activity, when clearly that is a waste of both the medium and the message sent to the target audience. It is not the same to show an advertisement on television than to go to our target’s home, ring the bell and ask them to stop what they are doing! It is another context and other conditions.

On the other hand, by being more direct, if actions are carried out effectively and efficiently, BTL strategies allow a more certain effect on its target group.

In short, at a time when marketing and advertising have had to reinvent themselves on several occasions, the BTL comes to offer refreshing airs and proposals that break with traditional archetypes.

The BTL creative , the new creative communication 360 are the pillars on which rest the marketing strategies . Where art, technology, virality, show business, walking down the street and all kinds of experiential experiences are unique triggers not only of ideas, but also of new non-traditional means of communication.

In an information-saturated society, creativity is the difference between standing out or being forgotten.

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