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What is Attraction Marketing. Definition and examples.


What is Attraction Marketing. Definition and examples.

What does attraction marketing or inbound marketing mean?
What will you find in this content?What is attraction marketing?
How does attraction Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists work?
Difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing
Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
What is the methodology of inbound marketing or attraction marketing?
The death of the marketing funnel?
The new methodology of inbound marketing
How to do attraction marketing?
What is content marketing?
Content marketing example:
Buyer Persona and Buyer’s Journey
Social media in attraction marketing or inbound marketing
Example of the use of social networks in attraction marketing
And how conversions are achieved in attraction marketing
What is nurturing CRMIn bound Marketing Example Pet sitters What is attraction marketing? Attraction marketing or inbound marketing , is the set of non-intrusive, highly segmented marketing tactics, focused on attracting, converting and retaining a target audience, through offering value in each of the stages of the buyer’s journey (Buyer’s Journey ).attraction marketingHow does attraction marketing work?The marketing and advertising that went on for years are ceasing to work. Why? Because they are push marketing , a type of marketing in which companies push their products towards customers. For decades it was the dominant type of marketing. Made in mass media and invading all the spaces that it could, from television to the supermarket floors.Upon the arrival of the web, this marketing continued to exist, following its same practices and making users feel invaded, bothered and uncomfortable (emails that arrived without subscribing, advertisements that appear while reading content, videos that start alone and do not can close, etc.)This type of marketing is also known as outbound marketing because it goes from the company to the consumer … and no matter how creative or prestigious the advertising agency that produces it is, in days like the ones we live in, it is no longer so Welcome.

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Damn Attraction Betting Email List , Don Drapper would say, so used to Outbound Marketing
On the contrary, within digital marketing, attraction marketing focuses on creating high-quality content that is useful to a specific audience. These contents are found by said audience through internet searches and on their social networks. As they are not commercial proposals, but relevant content that educates or entertains you, the connection with them is authentic, thus starting a relationship between brand and user.
But let’s clarify a little more the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing and see a couple of examples.Difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing
Outbound Marketing Outbound marketing corresponds to the sales process. The brand seeks to capture the attention of a potential consumer and achieve an effective sale; This is done through the insertion of advertisements in the mass media (press, TV, radio, cinema, magazines) and on the Internet through aggressive display guidelines, both in graphics and videos.The nature of outbound marketing is completely commercial, it does not seek to educate, entertain or add value.It uses one of the oldest advertising systems, known as the AIDA model. These are its sequential components:Attention. Capture the interest and attention of potential consumers Interest. Explain the news, advantages and differences with respect to the competition, through graphics, images, expert statements and infographics.
Desire. Emotional statements, influencers, comparisons, etc.Action. If the customer goes through the entire process without backing down, the purchase will occur.An example of outbound marketing is display advertising like this one, where a banner takes over the user’s screen while they are viewing content.Outbound marketing example

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing corresponds to the purchase process. This is defined as the phases that a person goes through from when they realize they have a need until they acquire a product or service to solve it.
The nature of inbound marketing is to add value at every stage of the buyer’s journey, which is why it tends to educate and entertain to get your message across.It also uses its own model, which ironically maintains the same initials.Need awareness . The user realizes that they have an unmet need
Investigation. Find out what alternatives are currently on the market.Decision. The user is clear about the market offer and has been left with a few alternatives that cover their needs and preferences.Action. Decide which option is best for you.An example of inbound marketing is offering useful resources to users who are interested in them, as in this case.Inbound marketing exampleWhat is the methodology of inbound marketing or attraction marketing?The death of the marketing funnel?Attraction marketing , or inbound marketing , was governed for many years by its own linear model that had four stages: attract, convert, close and enchant. These stages coincided with the traditional marketing funnel.
Inbound Marketing ModelHowever, in the second half of 2018, HubSpot announced the change of the inbound methodology from the funnel to cycles . According to the company, creator of the Inbound Marketing concept, while funnels lose momentum at the bottom, that momentum cycles to feed back.

Customer-based cycles are circular processes. More is invested in attraction marketing, more in getting customers to engage and become promoters and thus achieve a pleasant onboarding of new customers. Being a circular model, it works like any wheel: the more momentum we put on it, the faster it will turn and the better results it will generate.The new methodology of inbound marketing This is the model of the new attraction marketing or inbound marketing methodology.Attraction Marketing And this is what HubSpot describes for each stage:Engage – is about using your expertise to create content and conversations that start meaningful relationships with the right consumers. The most important metric here is monthly website traffic.Interact: consists of building lasting relationships with consumers by providing valuable information and solutions aligned with obstacles and objectives. Here you measure how many visitors enter the cycle (for example, leads) and how many are lost. Automated marketing tools are helpful at this level.Delight: is about providing an extraordinary experience that adds real value and helps people achieve their goals; when they have, they tend to become promoters of the company. Here you can develop Net Promoter Score® surveys or other types of communication and social listening to keep track of how many clients become promoters.This type of marketing, in addition to its business function of creating new leads and sliding them through the sales funnel, can use you with extraordinary results to improve online reputation and strengthen public relations in an important way.

How to do attraction marketing?
Attraction marketing requires tools for its realization. Content is the backbone, which is why a blog is a must. However, the support of social networks is important, as well as having tools for capturing leads and others to start conversations (chatbots, messaging, e-mail, etc.).In this short video we explain in a more practical way, what are the steps to have a good attraction marketing.As we already mentioned, content is the foundation of an inbound strategy, so a company that decides to work with this philosophy cannot do without the use of content marketing.What is content marketing?
It is the creation and distribution of useful content in order to attract, return customers and generate loyalty in a target audience.This loyalty is achieved through the trust and expert positioning that the contents confer over time. The contents can be of four types:Educational
Content matrix

If you want to delve into this topic, here are 10 content marketing questions and then we give you a very current example.Content marketing example:Canon’s content site, Photoventure , calls itself “the home of digital photography.” It is a fantastic example of attraction marketing , a sample of how a brand generates truly useful content that attracts professionals in its industry, who, being hooked on the articles, are given subtle calls to action so that they know Canon equipment.Content marketingBuyer Persona and Buyer’s JourneyTo do good content marketing, and therefore good attraction marketing, you need to develop a buyer persona .The buyer persona are semi-fictitious representations of our final (or potential) consumer built from their demographic information, behavior, needs and motivations.Likewise, it is also necessary to know at what stage of the buyer’s journey our audience is in order to generate content related to the context that the user is experiencing.buyer’s tripAs you can guess, it will be necessary to create content for each of the stages of the buyer’s journey, which will be delimited by the buyer persona.Social media in attraction marketing or inbound marketingSocial networks are an important support in attraction marketing, because they expand efforts, create brand awareness , word of mouth, attract visitors, leads, buyers, create conversations, among other benefits.Using social media for inbound marketing also begins with the buyer persona, SMART business goals, and the stage of the buyer’s journey .It is not a quick or easy way of marketing; Contrary to what many people think, social networks are not instant sellers, but reinforcement pieces in building long-term relationships.In order to know which networks to use and which formats (photos, videos, quizzes, stories, live, etc.), you will have to look at the Buyer Persona to find out. Here’s a look at how well the various content formats perform on Facebook.What content are most successful on Facebook

However, it may not matter that Facebook is the largest network on the planet or that Instagram is fashionable … our buyer is probably more involved in Linkedin, to cite an example, and we will have to act accordingly.The power of social networks is that they are capable of creating one-to-one conversations and at the same time they can communicate in a massive way. Here we must bear in mind that users will respond to those messages when, where and how they want, so it will be necessary to have a good social listening process and the relevant tools to start conversations.67% of people are more likely to buy something if they heard it or someone recommended it on their social networks, so it is impossible to ignore this channel in an attraction marketing strategy.Example of the use of social networks in attraction marketingSony has a large number of Facebook pages for its various products, sub-brands and regions, maintaining a good number of followers and creating engagement with them. The Playstation , for example, has more than 38 million followers, and through it, the brand maintains conversations with the followers at the same time that it distributes the content they develop on the official blog.And how conversions are achieved in attraction marketingA conversion is not necessarily a sale. A conversion is simply that a user takes a desired action on the site.When a company or brand continuously generates expert content on a topic that interests its Buyer Persona, and solves all the questions in each of the stages of the buyer’s journey, holding meaningful conversations, what generates is a leading brand positioning in that topic.

Naturally and without forcing it, it is the same user who subscribes to the contents of the brand or gives their data in exchange for e-books or the use of any tool. This is where what is known as the nurturing process kicks in.This is an example taken from the HubSpot blog, where while one is reading an article, this resource appears subtle in the lower area so that it can be downloaded just by providing the email.CTA and lead magnet exampleWhat is nurturingNurturing is the process of building relationships with prospects in order to do business with them when they are ready.In this sense, the delivery of content and valuable resources does not stop when a user subscribes to the site, but continues until he or she requests the services or agrees to have a business contact with the brand.Statistically, a user needs between 6 or 8 interactions with a brand in order to be qualified as a sales lead, that is, a lead to whom a commercial proposal can already be made.In this sense, marketing is responsible for all attraction marketing, and once the contact has slipped through the funnel long enough, it is possible to move it to the sales area.inbound marketing funnel

It should be noted that in order to carry out this work, it is necessary to have a contact management tool, that is, a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), which indicates to the company all the activity that has been carried out with that prospect since he entered com a simple lead, leaving your email, until you are ready for a business proposal, and even after.Inbound Marketing ExamplePet sittersKate McQuillan and her husband had started a pet sitting business basically because they hated to leave their animals in kennels when they went on a trip, but when they looked for an alternative they could not find one that would convince them, and then they had to ask friends or family, who did the request was always well received. Thus began his business.In the first year of activity, they attracted 40 clients. It is not fatal, but they were stuck there and it was clear that if they wanted to scale the business, they had to do something else.Goodbye to traditional marketingThey decided to do attraction marketing, started a blog on their site, and began answering the most frequently asked questions by pet owners; thus they began to create their articles, three times a week.In 18 months they had achieved more than 10,000 website visitors per month and developed a Facebook page with more than 30,000 fans! The content acted like a magnet on the website with a little help from social media promotion.How to make a blog for SMEs

After six years in business, Pet Sitters Ireland is Ireland’s number one pet sitting company, with thousands of visits every month from hundreds of pet owners across Ireland. Most of this growth is attributed to their attraction marketing strategy.Pet Sitters is one of the best case studies because it shows that it works amazingly even with SMEs and home businesses.Content Marketing for SMEs. Owner and pets.Here you can delve into this SME success story .Was the importance and methodology of attraction marketing clear? If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain marketing and communication strategies in detail, and be part of the community, you can receive them at your email door … And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing give us a shout out We love hearing from you.

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