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What is and what does a Growth Hacker do?


What is and what does a Growth Hacker do?

In the United States, the Growth Hacker profile has become one of the most sought after, and is usually associated with marketers and advertising agencies. But in reality, the profile of a growth hacker can fit many Colombia Phone Number List, and startups are where the concept makes more sense than ever, and we’ll see why.

The discipline of growth hacking is directly related to the growth of a business. The objective you are looking for is to increase the income, impacts or users of a company as quickly as possible, always with the least possible expense and effort.

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The concept was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. He, as a consultant, was helping entrepreneurs to achieve accelerated growth. It was then, when he defined that a job position was needed, which met the conditions of profiles that until then were divided.

De ahí que el Growth Hacker se entiende como alguien que puede moverse en campos de innovación, analítica y/o creatividad, buscando tácticas ágiles y asertivas, en el momento preciso. Es clave que sepa aprovechar las tendencias del mercado, las ventajas que otros no han visto, que sepa recopilar tanto información cualitativa como datos, para luego analizarlos y sacar las conclusiones necesarias para hacer su jugada. Esa acción, que muchas veces sucede como resultado de prueba y error, es la que llevará a la empresa a un crecimiento acelerado. Como sucedió con Drop Box en su momento.

If you are interested in knowing more about growth hacking, you can start to familiarize yourself with the tools of this discipline, which are used to manage social Betting Email List 
, analyze data, perform A / B tests, social listening or monitor the competition. Some of the main ones to date are Semrush, Import.io, Sistrix, Google Analitycs, Hotjar, Hootsuite and Ubersuggest.io.

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