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What is a WordPress?


What is a WordPress?

Learn a little more about WordPress and the advantages it offers …
Surely you have heard the word “WordPress” on more than one occasion and maybe you have been thinking about what it really is .o begin with, the first version of WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003, almost 15 years since its inception. It is an “open sourse” , anyone can participate, it is open to everyone, it is open source, free and available to Macedonia Phone Number List . It is a blog system, such as an online store, a course content website, we can do anything. It is a CMS, content management system.

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It has two parts, the one that the public sees and an internal part that is an administration. There we can upload a video, photos, add texts, etc.

Anyone can create it, it is ideal for bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to tell something through their website.

WordPress is a platform for anyone who wants to have their Betting Email List without the need for design or programming knowledge.

It stands out for its easy operation, it is formed by an immense community, for example wordpres.org, you have photos, codes, developers, there are more than 25 thousand plugins available (they are the extra programs that are configured for different themes with a single click)

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