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What is a vlog and what can it contribute to your business?


What is a vlog and what can it contribute to your business?

The word vlog arises from the fusion between video and blog. With that said, you are surely wondering … what is a vlog?As you may have imagined, so-called vlogs are blogs in video format . But do you know how a vlog can help you grow your business? In this post you will find the answer, as well as the necessary information so that both you and your dubai phone directory search can start a content strategy in video format and get the most out of it. Let us begin!For their part, vlogs are pages that merge the text format with the video format. In the beginning, vlogs were those videos that were included within the texts published in blogs, but over time and with the rise of platforms such as YouTube, a vlog is no longer an extra for written content, it is the main piece!Content creators often use vlogs to give information, show their life, opinion, thoughts …One of the biggest advantages of video blogging is the closeness and level of personification you can achieve with your audience.


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How to start a vlog?
Vlogging, as it usually refers to creating vlogs, seems like a simple thing, but there are some points that you should define before jumping into the pool:On what platform are you going to share your content?
It is not necessary to limit yourself to just one of them, but, for this format, the one that works best is YouTube, followed by Facebook. With the creation of YouTube in 2005, the popularity of video blogging began to rise, as anyone could upload content to the network from their home for free.Do you have the right equipment?
For the recording of your videos, the two most important elements are the camera you will use and the microphone. As with written content, the easier you make it for the user and the better their experience when viewing your content, the more likely they will return to it.What are you going to talk about?
The truth is that there is all kinds of content on platforms like YouTube, from the day-to-day life of a teenager to how to fix a washing machine. The important thing is that you talk about a topic of interest to the public of which you are an expert.If you are a company, the most likely thing is that you want to talk about all the benefits that you can bring to the user, but the most important thing, as in a written content strategy, is to add value. You should talk about those topics that interest your buyer persona . Once you have defined these points, you can give REC.

What can a vlog bring to your business?
Whether you are an individual or a company, you should know that it is possible to monetize the creation of content on platforms such as YouTube . Monetization consists of allowing you to insert ads, before, during or after your video, and charge for the number of times they have been viewed.What is a vlog
According to the Google Support Center , for your videos to be eligible to monetize on YouTube they must:Follow the YouTube community guidelines .
All elements of the content must have been created by you or must have the commercial rights to distribute it, such as the music you use.Be content suitable for advertisers.
Once you’ve created your vlogging channel and started generating content, you must join Google Adsense , Google’s ad placement service with the same email used to create your YouTube account.Next, you must go to your YouTube account, to the YouTube Studio section, and allow the monetization of your videos . It is important to know that your channel will only start monetizing when it has a Betting Email List of 1,000 subscribers and has accumulated 4,000 hours of public viewing in the last 12 months.
What is a vlogIn addition, you should consider that having a platform such as YouTube not only allows you to get the monetary benefit of content creation, but also to generate branding and brand recognition.On the other hand, and if you are really looking for a return on investment through vlog-like content, we recommend working with influencers who already have a loyal audience for their videos and, of course, who match your target.
What is a vlogThe so-called influencers are those people who have a large online presence and a large number of followers on social networks , among them, one can be YouTube.As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, vlogs allow you to communicate with your audience on a much more personal level and allow them to trust your opinions and recommendations. If you want to start influencer marketing on YouTube, we recommendthat you follow the following tips:Define what is the return you want to obtain. Would you like to get brand recognition, followers for your own social networks or, for example, increase sales?
Choose well with whom to collaborate. It is important to choose an influencer who is not only aligned with the values ​​of your company or product, but also has a good reach with an audience that matches your target and is relevant to it.
Rely on consumer-centric content. It is common for companies to seek influencers to make a “traditional ad” of their products in their videos, but this is not how influencer marketing works, especially on YouTube. Ideally, the content offered should be focused on the user and not on the product , on how to make their life easier or solve any of their problems or needs.
In short, now that you know what a vlog is, you surely see its full potential: you can take advantage of vlogs both by creating them yourself and collaborating with influencers. Because, in the end, the important thing is to be where your audience is .

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