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What customers want from brands – Open letter to ALL


What customers want from brands – Open letter to ALL

If you manage a brand, this letter interests you. What does your client want from you? Your market studies DO NOT say so. This is the harsh truth. Get to know it!Have you ever thought that brands simply do not understand you or make an effort to understand potential customers? Surely you are not the only one who thinks that!How about we try to put an end to that once and for all?How about we write a letter to brands who think they know their audience and tell them they don’t understand us?This is my attempt.What customers want – letter to brandsHello (put name of the brand that you like)Well, well … it’s about time we talk. There is no longer any point in postponing this.This interests you! And a lot!I suppose you know who I am, I could be your ideal client but you won’t let me.Don’t tell me you’re busy. Don’t try to evade me. Better find a few minutes to read this and try to understand it.You should remember me but I think that at the time I tried, you weren’t interested in talking to me.Let’s see how things are going now. If you follow that plan or you already understand things better.The future of your PR Directors Email Lists is in your hands. Are you going to react or are you going to stay with your arms crossed, watching how I leave to buy from the competition? Well then read what I have to say.What I and all consumers want is very simple. Let them be treated for what they are, people! I don’t eat money, credit card, or wallet!If I have a problem that your brand can solve, I want you to help me quickly!If I have any questions or complaints or maybe a question or comment, I don’t want your brand to ignore me on social media !I am not just a percentage, a statistic or a data.I am a person with a first and last name, feelings, needs, opinions and I do not need someone to tell me what to consume or not. I can make my own decisions. And I know very well what I want.

What do brand customers want?You should not only be interested in what I am going to spend buying your products.What should interest you is to know me better.Find out my likes and dislikes, interests, problems, needs, what happens in my life.Build relationships with me, answer all my questions and always try to keep me satisfied.Try to understand me.Think what would happen if you really knew me.Think of all the possibilities.I don’t know if you know but there are brands that do know their customers and potential customers. They know how to treat them and how to earn their loyalty. Your brand can also be part of those brands that care about their customers, who are really interested in helping and being available for whatever they need.Do you know that their clients work for them, in the marketing team, without receiving a penny? That’s what loyalty is all about .These are just a few of the things satisfied customers do for their favorite brands:They buy the productsThey use their hashtags and create content for themThey tell their friends that they can trust themThey are willing to help brands improve productsThese are the things I DON’T want from your brandI don’t want to regret choosing your productsNor wasting time waiting for you to pay attention to meI don’t want your ads to haunt me everywhereI don’t want you to be a selfish or self-promoting brandI do not want you to try to manipulate me, much less deceive meI don’t look for too many things. But yes I WANT

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That you respect me – I am someone who deserves respect, if you do not respect me we better end this now
That you answer Betting Email List me when I have a question and that you clarify any doubts I have – If you achieve that, you will find out everything that interests me about your brand.I inspire , educate yourself and dawdle – This has to do with the latter. If you do not listen or respond, you will not be able to educate me, entertain me, much less inspire me.That you create the best experience (as VIP as possible) – If you achieve that I will return to buy again and again.Pay attention to me and listen to me – If you listen to what I say and learn what I like, you will have unlimited possibilities to sell me.Don’t try to ignore me or just look for ways to get my money – If you treat me like I don’t deserve I will share that on all networks.That you are a responsible , honest and transparent brand that can trust you – If you lie and manipulate you will not get far.That you seduce me by sharing useful and valuable content – In other words, if you are only interested in selling, you will not sell anything!You are surely interested in the answers to these questions:If I am satisfied with the products and the service?If I am going to recommend your products to my family and friends?What is missing for my opinion to change if the answer is no?Well, ask me! There is only one way to find out if I too will ignore you or find the time to answer them.I know, surely you think this is all very complicated. But this is not just about what I want. All your potential customers want the same thing.Now, if we understand each other, perfect and if not, who do you think loses the most?The truth is that you need me more than I need you. I can go shopping with the competition. And I’m going to do it if you don’t listen to me. Better behave as you are, a brand that should be interested in the opinions of customers and potential customers. Or I get out. And not only that, I’m going to tell my friends why I left and how they treated me.You don’t want that to happen, do you?Settle your affairs and act once and for all.React before it’s too late!What are you waiting for? Go ahead, try to get my attention, to see what you invent to try to help me or entertain me.Sincerely,Your potential clientWhat is missing from the letter? Is there anything else you want brands to know but it’s not included? Feel free to write everything you want brands to know, we will read you in the comments.

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