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What cookies don’t let you see


What cookies don’t let you see

Although they try to show the user what interests him, many times cookies would hide information that could be relevant.
The cookies … How adorable are these little captor information , right? Every time we enter a new website a VP Media Email Lists appears that says: “I am analyzing you, I measure your behavior and what interests you on this website to make your browsing more personal and simple, I am a cookie , why am I? ”. I personally imagine a smiling Chips Ahoy putting information in some giant filing cabinets, what a head mine … Yes, no one denies it, cookies help the user to have a more fluid navigation and also the company to better know its visitors and potential clients.

Chief and VP of Media Email Lists

However, they are mainly used to offer visitors what we know they may be interested in buying according to their tastes and preferences. And although it may seem ideal, because you only offer them “what interests them”, be careful! Maybe those same users also care about other things, but they don’t know because you are hiding it from them. I am going to comment a little on my personal experience in this Betting Email List . On Facebook (I don’t know if any of the readers of this blog will know it, what a strange name, Caralibro…) all my behavior is stored, and I have realized that it is offering me content that I like. Lately on my cover or timeline a lot of funny videos appear: kittens, sports, fails … I swear that thanks to Facebook every day I have a couple of extra laughs, although in any case I have also noticed that I practically do not see what it is. what my friends do.

And the following conversation with my colleagues is becoming very common: – Hey Alex, did you see what I posted yesterday on Facebook? – No, what was it? – Well, a very interesting article about “X”

Then everyone starts talking about that very interesting article and jumping kittens, championship goals and epic blows come to mind … Facebook is eliminating interesting material in my day to day because for a period of time I spent a lot of time watching it funny videos. In a way I can affirm that my Facebook timeline is imposed by a behavior exercised by my old self, I will not deny that: while people are on vacation in summer and I stay in the city working, instead of watching the photos of the beach I am dedicated to entertaining myself with my timeline, being that the moment when cookies register that I love kittens, sports and open-handed slaps.However, when the holiday period ends, I have disconnected online from my friends. Not good. To avoid this type of situation, I believe that cookies should be shared, more transparent, real and tangible. I would like Facebook to tell me once every 3 months something like: “Hi Alex, lately you are watching a lot of videos of nice kittens, we show you your cookies and what kind of pages you prefer in case you want to change something.” With this, the image that the company would transmit would be cleaner, more transparent and would generate greater confidence in the user. I don’t think it is something difficult to implement and it would really improve the user experience a lot within your own personal development instead of stagnating it in informational offer day after day. With this little reflection I leave you, I would put a video of kittens, but you would become addicted and would not leave the loop.

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