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What are the trends that are forcing brands to change their packaging?


What are the trends that are forcing brands to change their packaging?

Packaging is becoming an increasingly important and valued element in terms of product presentation, as it is the element that serves as the first point of contact between brands and consumers, and firms are becoming more and more aware of it. But, although it may seem that when presenting a product there is not much science (after all, it is only packaging it to serve it in the best way), the truth is that packaging, like everything else, is also affected by fashions and trend changes. What are you doing right now that brands change how they present their products? There are several trends that are changing packaging today. Millennials Millennials have become one of the mobile number in china that is shaping the decisions of companies in practically all areas, since they have become one of the current consumption engines. For this reason, companies have begun to take them into account more and more when designing their products and their strategy and, in this task, they are also modifying the packaging according to their interests. Millennials and younger generations have become an engine for making design decisions and have modified how products are presented. As explained in a PackWorld analysis , they are one of the reasons why ‘no packaging’ has become fashionable for certain products that we can find in stores where things can be bought in bulk.


Smaller sizes, more convenient packaging and minimally ready Packaging is also adapting to sociological changes. Before, people lived in families and in large groups. Now this is less and less common and households of one or two people are beginning to become the norm. For them, you can’t sell products on a large scale and you can’t launch huge packages of things. Packaging has been reduced and smaller and “minimalist” presentations have started to become the norm. To this is added that consumers are also increasingly seeking convenience in accessing products, which is causing packaging to worry more about issues such as being easy to open, weighing little or Betting Email List easy to transport. In the food market it is clearly seen, since any product comes with containers that can be opened or closed quickly and easily, but it is not the only segment in which this works. You just have to think about the packaging of some online bookstores, which have significantly simplified the opening of packages. See what you are buying Consumers want to try products more and more, to know more and more about them and what they are buying. And this has also affected the packaging. More and more products allow you to see the interior literally. This has led to a boom in transparent or windowed packaging so you can see the product itself before you buy it. The need for transparency also affects packaging. The green boom Consumers are increasingly concerned about the origin of products, their effects on the environment or their organic status. This has not only affected the products themselves but also their presentation. Brands therefore have to be much more efficient when presenting their products. They have to include more and more related information on the packaging and they have to make all these points clear. But packaging doesn’t just have to be a vehicle to access green things, it has to work at that level as well. The packaging has to be recyclable or recycled and respectful of the environment. The cardboard boom And in this line, cardboard is becoming very fashionable. Cardboard packaging is more easily recyclable than other style packaging and therefore has a better reception when you think from a green point of view. Brands are becoming more and more interested in cardboard and are also doing it in an increasingly creative way, as shown by the cardboard packaging examples of some leading firms. An original and creative packaging to show the world Packaging also has to face new challenges and is forced to follow the same problems and demands that brands have to meet in many other areas. Thus, if brands are concerned about going viral or what consumers may say on social media, they also have to do so in terms of presentation. The creative packaging is material recurring conversation on social networks, either sharing ‘unpackings’ or uploading videos or photos of the packages that have managed to surprise the consumer.  Packaging is no longer a ‘residual’ element Another important element to take into account when it comes to packaging design in recent times is the question of the importance of packaging. Brands are increasingly aware that packaging is not only the way to present products to consumers, but also a key to reach them, to generate brand impact and to strengthen certain values. Packaging can be a key element in purchasing decisions and companies are increasingly aware of this.

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