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WEBSITE: 5 key points


WEBSITE: 5 key points

Know the elements that you should consider when taking over a website. Jordi Urbea , General Director at OgilvyOne worldwide and at Ogilvy Interactive, was in charge of teaching the sessions on the strategic approach of the Website ; as well as its architecture and web usability . Next, he summarizes the main ideas that set the tone for its contents: Jordi6 !! eleven Define what the specific promise of that website is; what will the user get when he enters. If a website is oriented to sell it has to be clear from the first minute what it is going to sell; If you are going to report, it has to be clear about what you are going to report and of course, you do not have to confuse the consumer in a free mobile number database of an experience of not knowing well what is going to happen next if they continue browsing. 22Be very clear about what interactions we are interested in obtaining from the user in order to get to know them as much as possible and thus be able to offer them the best service. Therefore, we must think what things we would like to know about that individual who comes to our house, who opens the door, enters, and begins to walk around. What do we have to find out from him to give him a good service later through my website?


The key is to be able to organize information in a natural way, not in the way that we want, but in the way that the consumer wants and understands so that it is much easier for him. We will achieve this by using simple language, easy to remember words, simple navigation, ease of loading, etc. We must bear in mind that in our web pages we cannot put everything on the first level and we must be able to organize everything in a logical and simple way so that the user can find it. 44 Avoid Betting Email List problems on the web pages at all costs . And the simpler we make it the happier the consumer will be. We must try to foresee what problems can happen to offer quick and effective solutions. 55 We no longer just think of a computer screen. We think of a tablet or a smartphone, or tomorrow we will think of the webs through televisions. Therefore, we must take into account the different devices through which our website can be accessed. We have to think about how to organize the information and content so that it is totally homogeneous, easy to follow and understand. These are the points that we have reviewed in these two sessions and that we begin to put into practice each one for your project, with its architecture and its e-boards to see if we have perfectly understood the session. Many thanks to Jordi Urbea for his collaboration.

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