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Web interface design: tricks to improve conversion


Web interface design: tricks to improve conversion

When thinking about how a web interface should be , you must always keep in mind what action you want to promote in particular .Throughout this article I want to tell you about some good practices that have helped me increase conversion so that you too can get the results you want. They will be the sea of ​​useful!list_altIndex of contents
What is a web interface?
Design tips to increase conversion
In order to better explain how to translate web design, we are going to focus on how to correctly develop a landing page . Landing pages, also known as ‘landing pages’, usually integrate a form to collect information of interest from the user.Before getting into the subject, I want you to know that these tricks to increase conversion can also be applied to other types of pages in which it is intended that the user interact. Keep that in mind!What is a web interface?
The first thing I am going to address is what is meant by ‘web interface’ . There are many cell number search canada in this regard, but what is common in all of them is that the web interface is made up of a set of graphic elements that form a structure, through which the end user of the web can interact to access different content or sections of the site.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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The final objective pursued by a good web interface is none other than to facilitate and speed up user interaction with the contents of the page . That is, it pursues the user’s comfort and intuition in their search for content. This is what is known as ‘user experience’.Design tips to increase conversion
As I have said, designing a web interface can be a great challenge. We will have to combine different elements but without forgetting the objective that it must be informative and, above all, that it must lead to conversion .



Without a doubt, the biggest challenge is to design a website that encourages conversion, and that is where I just want to go. We can attract a lot of traffic to our website and even have a careful design , but in many cases the information on how to adapt this design is lacking so that the visitor becomes a record.If you want to be able to take this step too, take note of these design tips to improve conversion through web interface design.Raiola Networks Hosting SSD
Keep the CTA always visible
The first rule of thumb for a landing page is that it includes a CTA. The call to action or CTA are what will allow the user to take the step to conversion. Use them!On many occasions we do include the CTA, but it may not be in the best place. The CTA must be visible at all times, no matter where the user is on the pge. You should always have the CTA on hand .Forget putting it at the end of a long text orat the beginning of it if Betting Email List you lose sight of it. Decántate to anchor the CTA and make the rest can vary.Visible cta interface designVisible cta interface designUse the right colors
When designing a web page, the first colors that are shuffled are the company’s corporate colors . Although it is always a good option to follow a corporate style in all the communication channels of the company, it is possible that these are not the most suitable for certain elements.As you well know, each color conveys a different emotion or feeling, and this must be taken into account when designing the web. To know what emotion is transmitted in each of them, color theory has the keys.This theory considers the colors that influence the subconscious of the visitors and how this can influence the purchase decision. Based on this theory we can make a division between warm colors and cold colors.Warm colors . These colors evoke joy, energy,creativity and passion. Among them we can highlight yellow (optimism), orange (friendly), red (power and curiosity) or green (curiosity and tranquility).Cold colors . For their part, cold colors refer to calm, cleanliness and professionalism. The most common are blue (confidence), purple (creativity), white and black.Taking into account these color codes, it is easier to choose the colors that will be included on the web and, more importantly, the colors that will be used in certain elements on which we want to attract the view of visitors to achieve the conversion .interface design color little prominentCTA color interface designIn this article you can discover more details about how to harness the power of colors for your marketing strategy.Highlight important data with bullet points
To get a user to provide you with their data and thus become a record in your database, you must offer them valuable content. Do you agree?He thinks that he is aware that he is going to give you his data to use for commercial purposes, so in return you have to offer him content that is relevant to his needs or interests.New Call-to-action
In these cases you have to explain the benefits of what you are going to get. The ideal is a short introductory text, accompanied by bullet points that facilitate reading and attract the attention of the user by explaining the multiple benefits of the download that you are about to obtain.At this point you can unleash your creativity by using icons or images instead of the typical checklist points to grab the reader’s attention. If you understand everything that you are going to receive for a minimum of personal data, the possibility of conversion will grow exponentially!bullet_no

Use multimedia contentAs I just mentioned in the previous point, the user is going to give you their data, so you have to make it very clear what they are going to get once they click on the CTA.It is important that before entering the data, the user knows for sure what is going to be offered. The ideal is to accompany the description of the gift with multimedia elements. Either, for example, images from the ebook, or a small video of the product you are going to obtain. This further strengthens user confidence and increases the conversion rate. Don’t lose sight of it!03_multimedia_no03_multimedia_siHave an orderly and simple form
The main objective of a landing page is to obtain user data and, for this, you will have to use a form.The form is the user’s contact, so it must be clear and easy to fill out. Forget about long questionnaires that take a long time to complete or questions that make the user think a lot.As for the content of the form, use direct questions and, above all, do not abuse them. Do only those that you consider necessary, especially in a first contact. As the relationship progresses, you will be able to fill in other aspects of your database.Regarding the form, the “label + field” structure is ideal, since it allows obtaining a clean and easy-to-understand form for the user. When we speak of “label + field” we refer to a title that indicates what is to be requested (name, surname, email …) and to the blank space to fill in the answer. You can also use Placeholders to help the user know what kind of information to enter, but we should avoid using them exclusively without labels .Finally, do not forget the basic aspects of usability, such as taking care of the appearance of the hover and focus. They are equally important!

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