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Visual search: what is it and how to adapt to the future of search?


Visual search: what is it and how to adapt to the future of search?

By 2021, those brands that incorporate visual search functions in their ecommerce platforms will increase their revenues by 30% , as indicated by some Gartner predictions .It is too early to know if the impact of visual search will be so great, but we can say that it will have a positive effect on online shopping experiences, increasing conversion rates and customer acquisition. Find out how!list_altIndex of contents
What is visual search and how does it work?
How is visual search marketing revolutionizing ecommerce?
3 current applications and tools based on visual search
Key factors to uk telephone number database visual search in your company
What can you do about the uncertain future of visual search?
Within this panorama, according to the Report Consultant’s Global Visual Search Market Size report, the value of the visual search market will exceed $ 14 billion by 2023.Hence the importance of you knowing what this technology is about and the impact it can have on digital marketing if you want to stay competitive in the coming years. Take good note!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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What is visual search and how does it work?
What is Visual Search


Source: The VergeThe visual search or visual search is a form of content search through which images are used as inputs instead of texts . Thus, a user can upload a photograph, a screenshot or any generic image to a visual search engine to find related content.First, thanks to visual recognition algorithms, this engine manages to identify certain elements that make up the uploaded image. Then it checks those items against all the indexed images in your databases. Finally, it provides content results that match the characteristics of said image.For Betting Email List , a person can take a photograph of a garment and, through that image, search the internet for all the sites where they sell the same or similar garment.Access the complete guide on how to apply SEO in your online marketing strategy
This comfortable level of experience makes 59% of users prefer access to visual information over textual information, according to statistics from The Intent Lab .Although the technology behind Visual Search has come a long way in recent years, it still has a long way to go to perfect, and we are a long way from replacing traditional text search, which is still much more accurate.However, visual search has the potential to revolutionize many areas of information query. Thus, beyond e-commerce, this technology is expected to have a great impact on the journalistic, scientific or security sectors, among others. How about?How is visual search marketing revolutionizing ecommerce?
People, naturally, make purchases in physical stores applying fairly visual judgments. We tend to be vigilant in looking for very specific styles, themes or aesthetics. Be it food, clothing, accessories or furniture. In this sense, visual search allows us to transfer this natural process to the digital ecosystem .The rise of visual recognition gives consumers a greater ability to discover products that interest them, compared to having to find them through searches for specific terms. Hence, visual search marketing strategies begin to set an extremely important trend .In fact, 62% of millennials and Gen Z ( the biggest consumers of the future ) prefer visual searches over any other mechanism. This is revealed by a study by ViSenze , an artificial intelligence company specialized in visual commerce platforms.

Visual Search marketingSource: eMarketerWithin the same study, it was found that 58% of young consumers are interested in interacting with the content of products that they can buy online and on social networks. Additionally, Accenture research predicts that for 70% of Gen Z, social media will be the preferred channel for shopping.Aligned with this, visual search systems allow users to recommend products according to their interests, based on images. dramatically accelerates their purchasing processes and improves conversion rates for brands. Therefore, visual search marketing strategies can become one of the most effective ways to reach our potential customers online . To take into account, don’t you think?New Call-to-Action3 current applications and tools based on visual search
There are already many technological giants and large online retailers that have identified the opportunity that visual search represents. Platforms such as eBay and Amazon have already incorporated some kind of visual functionalities. While Google and Microsoft have developed visual recognition platforms that benefit all types of searches.In this context, some of the visual search applications and tools that are already available on the market are:Google LensPinterest Lens
Bing visual search engine
Visual search Google Lens
Google Lens is a visual search mobile application developed by Google . Through this, users can turn their smartphones into powerful visual search engines of any object. To use it, you just have to point the device’s camera towards the object of interest and, thus, the application will show results of related content.This mobile app, although it has a huge reception in the ecommerce sector, also serves to search for visual information about animals, plants, food, places, vehicles …In this video you can see how Google Lens visual search works.Visual search Pinterest Lens
Visual Search PinterestSource: TargetFor its part, Pinterest added the visual search functionality called Pinterest Lens to its mobile app and its web version . Its visual search operation is similar to that of Google Lens, but the difference is that, after taking a photo of an object, the images match for the results is only carried out with those that are within the Pinterest ecosystem.However, due to the great market penetration of this brand in the fashion and decoration sectors, Pinterest Lens has enormous potential in the ecommerce of these industries. In fact, it is estimated to be one of the first platforms through which visual search can be monetized through its “ Shop the look ” option .Bing visual search engine
Bing Visual Search is the name of the visual search engine of Bing , the engine developed by Microsoft. Through this platform, users can perform visual searches through 4 options:Use your computer’s camera to take a photo
Paste an image or an image URL
Upload an existing image on the computer
Use the traditional search engine through text to find images
Visual Search BingSource: MSPoweruserIn addition, this platform has an option called Skills (Aptitudes) , which consists of a series of internal applications that allow very specific visual searches. For example: works of art, dog breeds, names of plants or identification of people, among other categories.As a side note, the level of precision of the results of this search engine is truly amazing .

SEO Optimization Checklists PackKey factors to implement visal search in your company
There are two main advantages that the rise of visual search can bring us:

In the first place, it can be a new source of attracting visits to our page, thanks to the new type of searches based on images.
On the other hand, it can help us increase the conversion to purchase of our ecommerce, making it much easier and faster to find the product that a user is looking for.
In order to take advantage of these two advantages, we should follow the following recommendations.

SEO positioning
It is still too early to talk about SEO at the visual search level. Unlike traditional SEO, where we can develop a strategy based on keywords and optimize our content around them, for visual search there is no such possibility. So, for now, it is not possible to know the type of most searched images based on which to optimize our content.

However, image SEO is nothing new, and many times it is a part of our SEO that has not been so taken care of. With visual search, Image SEO takes on much more relevance so that different search engines can easily interpret our content in image format and thus also be prepared for the rise of visual search.

To do this, we recommend that you follow the following good practices for SEO positioning in your visual search marketing strategy :

Optimize the weight of the images (without losing quality) so that they do not weigh so much and, thus, your website can load quickly. This is important because loading speed is one of the factors that Google takes into account when ranking in its SERPS .
Create images with high resolution to facilitate the work of visual recognition by artificial intelligence algorithms.
Use your own photographs and avoid those taken from stocks or from other web pages.
Include descriptive words in the file names and place the indicated keyword in the Alt Text option of the image. This, in addition to helping conventional SEO positioning, also helps AI understand your images.
Insert the images in relevant contexts for your users, where they add value to the rest of the content and to the page where they are located.
Label the information to generate structured data using Schema.org. In this way, rich snippets are built that improve positioning.
I invite you to download this guide with the secrets of SEO to occupy the first positions in search engines .

Conversion optimization
The usability of your website is a determining factor in maximizing your conversion rate. It is not just about making your platform attractive, but also about offering relevant visual information based on users’ content interests.

In this sense, images play a very important role, even more so in ecommerce pages. The fact that our products have good quality images and that allow us to appreciate all the aspects and details of the product, will help us achieve better conversion ratios, since we will reduce uncertainty and improve user confidence about what they are going to buy. .

On the other hand, it is also important that the images are well contextualized so that the rest of the content on that page describes the product that appears in the photograph, offers other relevant information that the image does not provide and that the purchase of the product that appears on the image is easily accessible.

If, in addition to having good quality and well-contextualized images, we offer users who visit us the possibility of carrying out visual searches, we could increase the conversion even more. And that’s good news!

Although this technology is still in a very early development phase and would only make sense for ecommerce with a large budget and offer, there are already several providers that can provide us with the necessary technology to integrate visual search on our page:

Google Cloud Vision
Bing Visual Search Developer
Amazon SageMaker with AWS DeepLens
Oracle Snap Tech
IBM Watson Visual Recognition
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What can you do about the uncertain future of visual search?
Although the future of visual search is promising, keep in mind that text search still has a long life.

First of all, visual search has no application for certain types of search. For example, with the visual search it would be impossible to find the weather in Paris, what the Eiffel Tower is like or what the values ​​of the French Revolution are.

On the other hand, visual search technology still has a long way to go to perfection, and text searches are much more accurate.

Finally, it is not very clear yet how to monetize this type of search, and until then it is not relevant to have optimized content around visual search.

The best recommendation, at least for now, is to have well-optimized content at the image SEO level and always taking quality and context into account, and wait for the evolution of visual search in the coming years.

Therefore, it is important that you implement strategies such as inbound marketing and content marketing, which will allow you to attract more visits and improve the conversion of your page.

If you are interested in continuing to read about this topic, from InboundCycle we explain more in this content, entitled Inboundization: the inbound marketing formula with immediate results .

Do you have any questions about visual search or inbound marketing? Leave me a comment and I will answer you soon.

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