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Visual search, search through images


Visual search, search through images

When you first hear the concept “Visual search” , it can sound somewhat confusing and at the same time strangely familiar. In reality, this is a concept that is part of our daily lives and that we constantly apply. The simple Bahamas Phone Number List for our keys inside the bag is a visual search, a search for something specific among disparate objects. Visual searches are so natural to us that we are not even aware of them. In our day to day we are constantly identifying objects, looking for similarities and establishing relationships between them. But what exactly is this technology and how does it work?

Visual searches allow you to search simply by capturing an image and uploading it to a visual search platform. A series of artificial intelligence algorithms train computers to be able to distinguish the different elements of an image such as color, shape and size. For maximum precision, these computers also need to prioritize among themselves in the same way that a human would. It is currently a field in full development and with a very promising future.


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What are the advantages of visual searches for companies?

Attract the interest of the potential audience . The ability to search through images attracts users, which makes this option very popular with the public. An example would be the visual search function of Pinterest, which managed to attract more than 130 million monthly searches in just 6 months since its launch.

Increase conversions . Visual search is a feature that allows users to more easily find the products they want to buy, making it easy for them to convert.

Improve the user experience . The visual search allows the user to save time and at the same time provides more precise results which contributes to increasing their degree of satisfaction.

Offer cross-selling opportunities . This type of search makes it more attractive to be able to show the user very similar or even complementary products. Therefore, the number of items and the average price per purchase are increased.

Once again, mobile devices are responsible for marking one of the great digital Betting Email List  trends that entered this 2019. ASOS Visual Search, eBay Image Search, Find it on eBay, Pinterest Lens or Google Lens are the technologies that are already in charge of return searches made from an image. Seeing that in the coming years this type of search will represent a high percentage of total searches, the main challenge that appears is the mandatory SEO adaptation that you will have to do for it.

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