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Video Marketing: New trends


Video Marketing: New trends

Video Marketing: Video content today is much more accessible and easy to do, and is the medium with the highest engagement and conversion rate.
“Research conducted by Cisco shows that by 2018, videos will account for 80% of all online traffic” so why not integrate it into our Estonia Phone Number List strategies as much as possible?

Lorenzo Bown, Founder and CSO of StoryMe identified several important points of how to improve, integrate, and why it is so important to take this trend into account. Next we will discuss the points that we find most relevant.

With the wide range of tools and video editors that exist today, the generation of audio visual content has become the easiest way to create content and the most dynamic way to interact with users.

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The perfect example of the case is YouTube, and all the YouTubers that exist. Many may have wonderful editorial skills and create content that looks like movies. But this is not the vast majority, you don’t need to make a movie for your video to be more successful.

The videos can be integrated at any moment of the truth, either with the client or also internally in the companies. As we always do email marketing for its effectiveness / cost ratio, why not include video in this step and improve the conversion of our emails.

For example, instead of sending a typical email to our databases with the desired message or newsletter, we can send a video as the content of the email. The chance that the client will see the video before deleting the Betting Email List is much higher, especially if the topic being discussed is of interest to them.

Tips to take into account when generating audiovisual content:

– You have to generate authentic content, relevant to the target.

– With the new trends in voice recognition and artificial intelligence, the content of the videos is recognized and integrated as if it were text, and can also be searched.

– It is super important to include SEO keywords in the content of the videos.

– It is necessary to take into account in what type of device the user will consume the video, in order to be able to adjust the format and message to the channel on which it will be distributed.

Our lives are becoming more and more digital, and there is no doubt that the future of all communication will be through video. It is time to integrate it into our strategies as much as possible.

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