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Video Marketing Do you use it in your content strategy?


Video Marketing Do you use it in your content strategy?

We know video marketing as a digital tool that allows us to publicize our product or service in an audiovisual format. Video is a format that is on the rise and for this reason more and more companies do not hesitate to add it to their content strategy.

A few years ago, video marketing was already being talked about as a new trend and this format has completely changed the way in which users consume content. Thanks to the video we have managed to connect with our clients quickly, directly and above all emotionally .

Why use video marketing?
Video Netherlands Phone Number List is an important technique to take into account in your content strategy if you are looking to increase the visibility of a product or brand, lead generation and / or traffic on your website.

The statistics speak for themselves, for example according to data published by wyzowl:


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96% of consumers say they watch videos to learn more about a product or service.
68% prefer to learn about a new product through short videos , making video the most popular learning tool, ahead of articles, manuals or e-books.
Most users find it more feasible to share content if it is in video format.
Other data of interest are those published by The State of video 2019, in which we see that there is an upward trend in the consumption of this format:

Currently the average video consumption of different content is 6 hours a week per user.
Mobile Betting Email List are the preferred device for content playback followed by computers and televisions. YouTube in its latest statistics also stated that 70% of its reproductions are made through mobile phones, so we must bear in mind the format of our video and where it is going to be played.
Every time we like to read less and we prefer to consume the same content in audiovisual format, if we take into account that the mobile is the device to which we are hooked all day, due to the size of the screen it is much easier for us and we enjoy it more if it we see on video that if we have to read it.

Tips to make a good video marketing:
The first thing we have to do, as in any marketing strategy, is to set ourselves what is the objective we are pursuing and not forget that video, like the rest of the actions we do with our brand, have to be integrated and transmit the same values. It is important that the voice of the brand is always the same so that the public can recognize us:

Select your target audience , ask yourself who you want to see your video.
Choose what type of video you want to make: Live Streaming to make product demonstrations, videos on social networks, video tutorials, 360ยบ videos, videos with augmented reality, etc.
The client is the most important thing, therefore it is essential that they see themselves reflected in the video and feel that they are part of the story. In this sense, the emotional content is very important. It is a good time to use Storytelling and get to tell a great story.
Create videos that generate interactions , users have to want to share the video.
The importance of the first seconds: The first seconds of the video must be interesting enough so that the user does not leave.
Includes SEO
Social video
If you are thinking of making videos on social networks, this concept has to ring a bell. If when creating a website it is important that it is responsive and adapts to any device, the same thing happens with videos on social networks, it is important that the video is compatible and optimized for each social network you love. direct : Both in square or vertical format, as well as in duration.

With new technologies, smart phones, applications and platforms that we find on the internet, it is becoming easier to join and follow a video marketing strategy. Remember that videos are easy to consume and share , they will make you gain engagement, make the product more attractive, so they will help you increase sales and also help you eliminate doubts that are generated at the time of purchase.

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