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Versatility: the great talent of the future


Versatility: the great talent of the future

The talent is in the ability to work in a changing environment rather than in being specialists.
Yesterday Monday began the week while having coffee in the morning, with an interesting article in the Digital Expansion entitled ” How long will the new professions of the future last “. Of course, once again, they were talking about professions related to the digital environment , Community Manager , Ecommerce Manager, Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists Business Specialist, Apps Engineer, content creator, SEO experts or web developers….
Professions that are now essential in companies if we want to connect with the consumer. However, the article took a turn of the wheel, and it was questioned if they were true professions as such, or just the name of a task or simple adaptation of old positions to new environments and means .

Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

The point is that today we give special names to everything, every time we seek to be more specialists , to know a lot about a very niche area, that gives us security, makes us strong in companies, you know more than anyone about a specific issue, but What will happen when new needs appear again, probably different, in which other abilities or talents will be needed? The specialist Nekane Rodríguez says in the Betting Email List that more than careers, we should talk about skills , since specialization can also lead to limitation.

7Adaptability, self-learning, the ability to recycle or multidisciplinary ability greatly help to develop the ability to work in a changing environment , to have versatility , flexibility, empathy and versatility.

All this speech, in a way, has made me reflect on a personal level. 20 years ago I finished my training as a fashion stylist and since then, I have been in Commercial, Marketing, Merchandising, Architecture departments, as Product Manager … Anyway, I have done everything, and I have always had the feeling that I was not a specialist you’re welcome . He envied those professionals who had a career as marked by a fine pencil line, each step in his career always related to his profession, with his acquired knowledge, a real crack at his thing . I saw myself as the eternal tightrope walker trying not to fall off the tightrope, continually reinventing myself, improvising, looking for creative solutions to each new challenge for me … And yet,my great specialty was functional flexibility, creativity, innovation and relational and communication skills.

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