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Valentí Camps: a market research without a penny


Valentí Camps: a market research without a penny

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Valentí Camps , professor of the Executive MBA at Pompeu Fabra University . Perhaps many people do not know it, but Valentí is the legitimate creator of what is known as “Boca Bits”, a highly consumed snack in Spain. During the time I was with him, he told me this story, from the idea to the process behind its creation. For those students or fans of Morocco Phone Number List, it is a fun and learning story, definitely worth reading and sharing.

Valentí Camps developed this project very young, he was 24 years old and it was during his first job at Pepsi Co, one of the most recognized companies in the world, that he came up with the idea. His job was in the snack area, known as Matutano at the time, where he was the brand manager for Cheetos.

“It was a comfortable and easy job, with entertaining but not demanding tasks like modifying the logo and supervising details related to the product image. However, I wanted to do more. I was hungry for so much more. ”

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As a result of this initiative, Valentí spoke with his boss, who was American and had been in Spain for a short time, to share that he did not feel that he was giving 100% in his work, and that he wanted to go further. Right away, he told him that he had a very interesting idea that he wanted to share with him.

Valentí began by explaining that there was a highly consumed product in Spain and that it was normally sold in churrerías. He was referring to the snack of pork rinds made right there, fried in oil. He also told her about the rinds, which follow the same preparation process but instead of being pork, they are made from wheat. This Betting Email List , which had not been acquired by any large brand, was a completely local theme made by the employees of these small churros businesses.


“We could add it to Matutano’s product range , and make it our own. It is highly consumed in Spain and we could even expand it internationally. ” He told his boss who liked the idea and immediately gave the green light to the project.

Excited Valentí asked him about the budget he would have to start the project, and his excitement quickly disappeared when he heard that he would not have a penny to carry it out, since it was in September and the company would not have a budget until the beginning of the following year. .

“What do you mean there is no money? But if we are in Pepsi Co. ” Exclaimed Valentí. “Yes, but life is hard, and there will be no more money until next year” his boss replied in a dramatic tone.

Valentí was disappointed as he wanted to start the project immediately, but did not have the money to carry it out and he felt unsupported and a bit unmotivated being so young and so new to the company. However, Valentí did not give up, and did a market research without a budget.

“That same weekend, I drove to Cardona, my hometown, to do some focus groups. I wanted a group of mothers and a group of children between the ages of 10 and 14. I believed that it was a product that could be for adults and also for children.

I asked the village priest to lend me the parish office to hold my meetings, and he agreed without a problem. That was my first savings. Now I just needed to convince people to attend, even without a budget ”

Valentí’s parents owned a grocery store in town, so he asked his mother to convince eight different clients each week to attend their meetings. His mother became his source of recruitment and did indeed get him quite a few assistants. Now only the focus groups with children were missing, but how do you do a focus group with children?

“Children at that age develop very diverse personalities. There are the quiet children, the studious and there are those who are a disaster but born leaders. The rumor reached me that there was a boy who was the leader of the town’s gang, they nicknamed him “El Currucu”, and I thought that maybe he could be my recruitment lever, since he was the influencer of his community, so I I contacted. ”

Upon contacting him, Valentí proposed a deal to “Currucu ” , “tell all the children you know that those who come to my meetings on Saturdays, I will give each one a bag of Matutano potatoes . And if you succeed, for being the leader, every week I will give you a box with 24 bags of potatoes. Just for you.”

Valentí Camps affirms that of all the focus groups he has done in his life, none have been as effective as those organized by the “Currucu.” The discussions were productive, very valuable insights were obtained and consumer tests were carried out

After this research stage, Valentí began with the use and distribution tests. After he decided on the presentation of the product, he spent several months going back and forth to Burgos, where the PepsiCo headquarters were located, doing tests on the physical development of the product. Surprisingly, the product was finally launched on the market, called “Boca Bits” , a product that today, after 36 years, is one of the three best-selling products by PepsiCo in Spain.

“I have to thank the village priest, the consuming mothers of my family’s store and of course Currucu.” Says Valentí between laughs.

“People have the perception that in the field of marketing , market research is an expensive and complicated process and that only large companies can afford it. It really is a matter of initiative and imagination. And now, to de-dramatize the issue of marketing budgets, I tell this story to my students. “

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