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Use WhatsApp in your marketing strategy


Use WhatsApp in your marketing strategy

Learn to integrate this powerful channel to connect with your audience. It is a matter of stopping to observe to realize that whether on the street, in the subway, in a restaurant or even at work, many people are with their mobile in hand constantly checking Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists messages . It is that there is almost no one who does not use it. This instant messaging service announced last February that it has one billion active users , meaning that almost one in seven people in the world uses WhatsApp on a monthly basis to keep in touch with their family, friends and / or loved ones.

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How can brands take advantage of this?
Although WhatsApp announced in January that it will begin testing to integrate businesses on the platform , this channel continues to be essentially a Peer to Peer (P2P) space. However, little by little brands are finding ways to enter and take advantage of its advantages: I. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Being a simple, fast and cheap platform to communicate, WhatsApp can be an excellent channel to Betting Email List the concerns of your customers while maintaining a close and direct relationship, even being able to comment on those issues that, in other social networks would be possible only through private messages. A good example is the airline KLM , which recently announced that it will start testing booking changes through Whastapp .Thus, those who areĀ  connecting at Amsterdam Schiphol airport and see their flight canceled, will be able to reschedule their flight via a message through this platform.

II. SEGMENTED OFFERS: With an updated and segmented database, you can create small groups of contacts on WhatsApp to send exclusive and segmented offers and promotions according to location, interests, etc. III. FROM USERS TO THE BRAND: One of the graces of social networks is precisely that users have the possibility to communicate directly with brands that they previously only saw in stores and supermarkets. What happens if you invite users to chat? The case of Absolut in Argentina.
Other interesting possibilities for brands are the creation of a database of telephone contacts from an action on WhatsApp and, perhaps even more relevant, the gathering of insights from the users who interact with the brand.

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