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U-commerce, the user at the center of the digital strategy


U-commerce, the user at the center of the digital strategy

Beyond location and devices, the important thing is to meet customer needs.
One of the most important aspects in an electronic commerce is the user experience , a key aspect when evaluating a digital business. It is essential that the relationship with customers is optimal and trying to understand the “insights” dynamically is the best way to modify a digital Canadian CFO Email Lists strategy .

In this sense, the next step in e-commerce is no longer m-commerce or electronic commerce for mobile devices, but rather it is something broader that goes beyond devices to focus on the user: u-commerce .

We are approaching at breakneck speed a market focused on people, in part thanks to the effect that social networks have had on brands, opening their eyes to what happens outside its four walls.

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This new scenario is called u-commerce or Ubiquitous commerce . Ubiquitous and omnipresent commerce based on the synchronization of the Betting Email List forms of digital business to be able to access them regardless of the device used or the location in which we are. Basically, it is a model that seeks to converge all the sales possibilities with any possible customer need .

The u-commerce model not only starts from the idea of ​​ubiquity, but is articulated around four concepts that define its lines of action : ubiquity, universality, uniqueness and unison .
The aforementioned ubiquity implies the ability to be in virtual spaces where the user can demand our services, regardless of hardware or format limitations.

The rest of “U” defines the relationship between the two commercial parties -user and seller- with the medium through which they interact. Thus, universality affects the tendency to make it possible for any of our devices to be used anywhere in the world, beyond the limitations imposed by telephone companies or service providers.

The unison , meanwhile, refers to the ability of our devices to remain synchronized at all times, so that tends to the full interconnectivity between gadgets and software.

The uniqueness , finally, breaks the paradigm of total convergence of the other three pillars of u-commerce and encourages us to respect and value the individuality and peculiarities of each user as a way to increase dissemination, conversion and recurrence.

Does this new way of approaching electronic commerce mean the disappearance of m-commerce, for example?

Not necessarily, since the only thing that changes is the starting point from which we draw the digital strategy. In this sense, instead of starting our analysis by placing ourselves in a specific sales environment, such as the Smartphone, we move “to the other side of the mirror”, viewing our proposals, strengths and weaknesses from the eyes of the potential client .

According to several studies, one in two Internet users considers that they can influence the purchasing decisions of their environment, and 85% of those surveyed demand total immediacy in their relationship with the seller .

With the increase in demand from users, the digital business must know how to position them as a strategic center to be able to respond to their decisions and motivations, however changing or difficult to understand they may sometimes result.

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