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Two-way communication: what it is and how to get it on social networks


Two-way communication: what it is and how to get it on social networks

Due mainly to new technologies and some specific cases of communication, we discovered a new concept that has countless advantages: two-way communication.list_altIndex of contents
What is two-way communication?
Advantages of two-way communication
Two-way communication in social networks: generating conversations
How to generate conversations with your followers
In this article I will talk about what is two-way communication, the main differences with respect to one-way communication and how to apply it thanks to the use of social networks.What is two-way communication?
We can define two-way communication as one in which constant feedback is carried out, in which both the receiver of the message and the sender exchange roles to create a conversation in both directions .The essential difference between bidirectional and unidirectional communication is that in unidirectional there is no possibility of buy cell number . This includes any type of communication in which the recipients lack the opportunity to question the communicator. For this reason, if we use one-way communication it is reduced to the transmission of information.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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These two examples of real companies that carry out one-way or two-way marketing campaigns will help you easily understand what the main difference between the two is:


Maybelline One-Way Marketing Action
With this ad published in a magazine, the Maybelline cosmetics company is giving information to the reader about its product, without the possibility of starting a conversation or transmitting information beyond what appears in the same image.One-way communication MaybellineTwo-way Marketing Action:
The online travel retailer Lastminute.com carried out this action in which they placed posters in the middle of the street, asking “What would you do if you had one last minute?”, That is, “What would you do if you only had one last minute?” .This type of campaign seeks a response from the Betting Email List , so it provides you with the opportunity to answer the question posed.Two-way communication LastminuteImage source: marketingeinternet.blogspot.comAdvantages of two-way communicationne of the most important advantages of two-way communication is that by involving the user or receiver to be an active part of a project, more than beneficial results are generated for the company that carries it out.Thanks to this type of communication, the following is achieved:

Accuracy .Transparency , trust both on the part of the sender and the receiver.
Obtaining relevant information . Having an answer to our proposals or questions facilitates obtaining valuable information for the issuer. Information on user opinions, complaints and suggestions can be obtained and applied to improve our product or service, solving problems perceived by consumers.
There is a relationship and direct communication between the company and the client .
The users feel more valued by brands when they ask for and collect their opinions.
The brand becomes “humanized” and gets closer to the customer , being able to influence the purchase decision.
Although this type of communication requires more time than the unidirectional one, the responses are adapted and adjusted to the conditions provided by the receiver, so that in the medium-long term more positive and real results are generated.

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Two-way communication in social networks: generating conversations
Conventional media such as television, radio, written press, etc. they are characterized by the use of a one-way communication.

On the other hand, social networks are characterized by a new way of communicating thanks to two-way communication, that is, one in which the receiver of the message can become a sender and vice versa .

These sites and applications allow you to generate feedback in many different ways : through comments, “likes”, sharing actions … That is why, for brands, it is an incredible source of information about what their audience target demand.

This methodology can help brands improve their sales and meet their goals.

An example of this is carried out by the fast food chain Chipotle. They asked their Twitter followers about the cost of extra guacamole in their orders to give away an extra serving of guacamole later. He managed to generate 2,500 likes and more than 400 retweets on his profile.

Twitter Chipotle asksTwitter Chipotle

How to generate conversations with your followers
There are different methods for two-way communication to flow naturally:

Personalize your account : speaking in the first person, putting a face on your profile or sharing content casually are ways to personalize an account on social networks. In this way you will be able to humanize the company and facilitate the conversation with your followers, making them feel much closer to the brand.
Ask your followers : who has not ever started a conversation with a question without too much relevance? Hi how are things? Have you seen how it rains? How is your job going? In this way we can start conversations with our followers and find out a little more about their opinions, tastes and preferences.
New Call-to-action
This is the case of Coca Cola, for example, in which we see that it asks an open question to its Instagram followers: What is your perfect gift?


Conduct surveys : In the same way that you can ask questions, you can also conduct surveys, an easy method to carry out thanks to social networks such as Instagram or Twitter. Use these tools so that your followers can give you their opinion with a single click. Sometimes writing a comment or answering some questions can be somewhat tedious, on the contrary, the survey format facilitates two-way communication with followers.
Through its Instagram account, Pullmantur Cruceros surveys its followers.

Pullmantur Instagram

Respond to your followers : it is not only important to ask your followers questions, but also that you answer their requests, suggestions, thanks and even complaints. From these conversations you can extract valuable (and very relevant) information to improve your brand or product.
Welcome your new followers : When you find a new follower, welcoming them with a greeting, even if automated, can be very beneficial for the brand. This first contact can create a conversation about your brand or product.
Talk about current or viral topics: dealing with current topics, news and viral content, captures the attention of users. Generally, users love to comment on different current topics, so asking them about their opinion on a topic is a good way to start a conversation and show that you are up to date with current news, especially if it is related to your brand or product.
Use humor : social networks are full of memes and content with a humorous touch. This type of publication attracts the attention of followers, generates comments and also encourages sharing the published content with their contacts.
The Adoptauntio app, for example, makes use of humor in its Instagram posts.

Instagram Adoptauntio

Apply these concepts to properly develop your two-way communication and you will see how it will be easier for you to retain your followers to obtain better results.

Do you use any special action to manage the relationship with your followers on social networks? Let me know in the comment section!

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