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Twitter will start showing Tweets from people you don’t follow


Twitter will start showing Tweets from people you don’t follow

Last Updated January 22nd, 2016 at 01:16 pm

Sometimes less is not more. At least not for the social network Twitter, which apparently incorporates even more content to our timeline.

Soon we will be seeing tweets from Singapore Phone Number List accounts that we do not follow, this update will begin to show content considered popular or relevant by your friends.

The incorporation of the social network began as an experiment but it is already something permanent, according to its announcement in the FAQ:

“Note: You can see content from accounts you don’t follow, such as Promoted Tweets, Retweets from accounts you follow, or content that may be relevant to you …”

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The popular tweets that Twitter would show would appear to be those with great interaction on the part of our followers. This is a great change for the social media platform that prior to the change did not show content from accounts that we did not follow unless they were retweets or sponsored tweets.

The reason for the update would appear to be in order to expose users to content that we might not have otherwise seen, and to help us connect with people we might not otherwise have accessed.


What do you think of this update Betting Email List 
? Do you agree with the change?

Tell us what you think about the note and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us.


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Mery heilborn

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