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Truths about SEO and positioning


Truths about SEO and positioning

After reading and working on SEO strategies, I came to a series of conclusions that I want to share with those who are new to this world.
SEO concept
The first thing you should know is what it means. According to Wikipedia it is “Search engine optimization or search engine optimization and its acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization”. For me, VP Financial Email Lists simply means how to position your site organically, that is, without paying.

It is important to stay updated
The SEO rules are updated quite often, so what today is an absolute truth tomorrow is no longer so. For this reason, you must be aware of the changes that Google is announcing and that the “SEO Gurus” in charge of publishing on their blogs.

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Know your audience
If you want to position your site, you must know what terms or words your audience is looking for. For that, the AdWords keyword search is a good way to start.

Metrics are key
To know if your strategy is working you must measure all the pages, menus and actions of your users , in addition to monitoring your keywords in Betting Email List . For this there is no other option but to make Google Analytics your best friend.

Describe your photos
Do not forget the descriptions and titles of each image that you upload to the website. Google can’t tell what your photo is about if you don’t specify it.

No to automation
Don’t let your WordPress or content manager automatically write your content descriptions or choose the title and urls of your pages. It will do it without any level of strategy and you will be missing the opportunity to position your content optimally.

Watch out for the “Title” tag
All SEO experts agree that the “Title” tag -or what goes in the browser’s header- is key when it comes to positioning your content. So remember to include keywords and not more than 70 characters.

In the end, the most important thing to improve your positioning is to be clear that one of the truths about SEO is that nobody knows what the exact Google algorithm is .

You must do is stay informed of the recommendations of experts, be patient, but above all, use your common sense and go testing your site.

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