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Trends in video: Live Streaming does not stop evolving.


Trends in video: Live Streaming does not stop evolving.

“We are in the midst of the Live Streaming revolution ”
With the platforms delivered to improve and surprise with their new functionalities, in the last month we saw an earthquake of updates from the main companies who are betting everything on mobile.

Faced with the explosion of Instagram Stories and its evolution to Live, both Facebook and Nigeria Phone Number List were not left behind and activated the live transmission function for mobile phones. In the case of YouTube, the option is available for accounts with more than 10k subscribers. And on Facebook, you can see it in its mobile application similar to Stories.

As you read, the live video option is on the air and it is time for your content strategy to start broadcasting live. There are as many options as there are ideas that you can deliver. Let’s see a brief review of the main platforms and their Live Streaming options:

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YouTube: It has seen a little loss of ground, but it is still the most consumed video platform in the world. Its live option from desktop has been enabled for a while, with a live chat option to chat with the audience. Now they enter the battle on mobile.

Facebook: A few days ago, it announced improvements to its mobile video system , with a live option and other improvements. As a pro, say that its access from Betting Email List  is very simple and after transmitting it remains on your timeline. Against, saying that enabling live from the desktop is not so simple. Here a tutorial to implement it.

Instagram: He took his first step with the Stories option and a bigger one with Live. Today Instagram is experiencing great popularity and in its 25 weeks active, Stories has reached 150 million daily users.

Twitter: Acquired Periscope last year and advertised it as its video information platform. Three months ago they integrated it into Twitter, which enabled the option to broadcast from any account.

Snapchat: It is the great victim with the launch of Stories. The similarities between the two are no surprise to anyone, but he has already begun to feel the blow. It is still popular in the new generations, but we do not know for how long.

The large number of platforms available on social media opens up a variety of options for creating quality audiovisual content relevant to our audience.

The first thing you should visualize are those important moments within your strategy that you can activate via video, that allows you to show the best of your product or brand, and that allow you to connect faster and better with your audience. Videos are high-impact spaces that can reach interesting audience data and that will allow you to build and strengthen your brand discourse.

While live video does not replace the experience of being in the place itself, viewers are able to tune in and be part of what happens there.

There are a couple of points to keep in mind when activating a live video strategy:

Time and place: You can generate anticipation actions by announcing from a live broadcast. It is important to place the context of the video that helps to understand the here and now of the video that you will transmit to achieve a better audience.

Content: Here you have absolute freedom. You can go from the development of elaborate pieces or transmit via mobile a particular moment. You do not require much equipment, with a good mobile and Internet connection is enough. But remember, in the face of so much attention seeking, you have to be able to surprise and keep your audience watching for the duration of your broadcast.

Now it only remains for you to immerse yourself in the live video… Plan yourself and start broadcasting your content to the whole world!

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