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Trends in digital marketing for 2020: what you cannot miss


Trends in digital marketing for 2020: what you cannot miss

We are starting a new year, and not just any year. 2020 brings with it a new decade, and that means a turning point on trends and habits that we have as consumers. Over the next 365 days, big changes are coming in digital marketing, would you like to know all of them to get ahead of them and start putting them into practice now? Then you can’t miss this post! list_altIndex of contents
Trends in digital mobile number list download for 2020
Changes in Google in 2020
Changes in user habits
News in digital marketing to consider
Trends in digital marketing for 2020
As I was telling you, changes are coming in the habit of consumers. And, as you well know, any change in consumers affects us as a company. That is why I wanted to collect the trends in digital marketing for 2020 that you should know if you do not want to be left behind. Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Changes in Google in 2020
Google is always in constant motion. It is not surprising to see how they are modifying their algorithms to always try to give the best answer and solution to user searches. One of the latest modifications that has caused the most stir was announced on October 25, 2019 under the name BERT .


BERT is that it is the acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, whose translation would be “Bidirectional Encoder Representations of Transformers”. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze user queries and better classify the results that appear in the SERPs. For this, an analysis method is applied that allows contextualizing each query within a more natural environment. How is this achieved? BERT is characterized by “bidirectionality”, a characteristic that allows you to analyze a sentence in two directions. To achieve this, the words that are found both to the left and to the right of a keyword are analyzed, in such a way that it is possible to better understand what a user wants to search for when entering that phrase in Google. [FREE GUIDE] Find out all the details about Google BERT: what it is, how it works, how it affects SEO and technical aspects
With this, Betting Email List tries to go one step further when it comes to interacting with the user by offering them the result they are really looking for. To achieve this, the keyword itself loses a bit of strength in favor of the naturalness and contextualization of its use. In addition to this, BERT also stands out for the following: Zero-click results : it is important to keep in mind the searches that have 0 results (56.10% of the total searches on mobile and 34.85% of the total on desktop) to see how we can take advantage of this type of search to our benefit . It seems that the trend this new year is towards that model; It is not always necessary that they click us, that is, perhaps we will lose traffic but we gain visibility. An example of this is the importance of structured data here to be able to appear in these positions.

Organic traffic : lately organic traffic has started to stagnate, making it increasingly difficult to position content for all the amount of content on the internet on the same topic. Hence the importance of taking advantage of zero-click search results that we talked about in the previous point. SEO on SERP : the homepage of a brand is not the homepage of its website but what users find when they use the Google search engine to find that brand. Therefore, you have to take actions focused on having a good image in the Google SERP and making SEO optimizations in that regard.han ges in user habits
As I told you at the beginning of the post, the change in user habits will mark a large number of trends in digital marketing for 2020 that must be taken into account. Increase in voice searches
The first trend I’m talking about is the increase in voice searches. Although it is true that some time ago the first voice searches did not provide good data (90% of users expressed their disagreement with the result obtained), this situation has changed in such a way that these errors have been polished to make voice search is already a reality. Previously, the reason why voice searches did not work well came from the inability of search engines to correctly process the sound emitted by users, making the search incomprehensible. Now, the development of web pages has escalated to another level, in such a way that the vast majority of services are able to successfully process speech requests, even those that show a defect or are processed by children. Given that these requests can now be carried out successfully, it is expected that this 2020 half of the searches will be carried out directly by voice. According to PWC, 65% of users between the ages of 25 and 49 speak at least once a day with their mobile devices and smart speakers (such as Google Home or Alexa) to seek solutions to their doubts or problems. If we continue with more data, OC&C Strategy Consultants expects the voice channel to be $ 40 billion by 2022. All this data is not surprising, since voice searches are much faster and more direct to formulate, which is why it is gaining relevance among all age groups. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that voice searches are different from traditional search engines. A clear example would be that, in traditional searches, we use words that are sometimes unrelated, such as “best restaurant Barcelona”. In voice searches, the phrase would be formulated with “What is the best restaurant in Barcelona?”

Mobile payments and greater use of mobile phones in general
Traffic is becoming more and more mobile, and not only does my experience with analyzing our clients say so, but there is a large amount of data that corroborates the use of mobile phones compared to the use of computers. For example:Almost all reports on email open rates claim that nearly 50% of opens are from mobile devices, according to HubSpot .
Mobile users check their email three times more than users who do not have it linked to their mobile phone. In addition, 35% of professionals claim to view their emails directly from their mobile.
This data leads us to an even more interesting one: according to Campaign Monitor, 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company, as they have suffered a bad mobile experience.With all this, it is important that by 2020 we set, within our objectives, to work well the mobile version of our web pages and the adaptation of images in social networks, as well as to make the payment with the mobile phone well located and marked so lose sales.Conversational marketing boom
Another trend that has been going strong in 2020 is the rise of conversational marketing . Conversational marketing is understood to be the conversations that take place between users and the company directly.To encourage these conversations, the company can implement certain actions that encourage the user who visits your website to ask any questions they may have, thus creating a bond of trust between the company and the potential buyer. To achieve this, actions such as:Chatbot configuration .Live chat facilities to be able to speak with a real person from the company.
Link WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to get a faster and more fluid conversation.
Greater variety of channels
Companies must keep in mind that it is important to be in all the channels in which their target audience is, so an omnichannel marketing strategy must be carried out .That is why you have to analyze very well in which channels you should be present if you do not want to be left out of the game. My recommendation is that, first, you work on brand positioning in all channels before starting to carry out other types of actions. The reason is very simple: a strong and distinguished brand in each of the communication channels will make it much easier for the rest of the actions to have a higher success rate.Greater importance of local results
You may have already heard that local positioning is gaining popularity among businesses. Here are some reasons:72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five kilometers of their surroundings (Wordstream).
82% of smartphone owners conduct searches “near me” (Search Engine Land).
Local searches lead 50% of mobile device users to visit stores in one day (Google). Source: HubSpot .
With this data, it is important that you work on your local positioning during this 2020 to take advantage of the high conversion rates that these types of searches present. Don’t let it pass!

Increased awareness
Users are saturated with the stimuli they receive every day, so, as a company, you have to be aware of this. Also, not everything goes on the internet anymore. More and more platforms are fighting against what are known as “fake news”, eliminating them or making their reach less, so it is important that all information you share is well founded.On the other hand, users want greater privacy on the internet, so they flee from what is most intrusive to them. If we add to this the disconnection in social networks that many users want to carry out, it is important to rethink how to reach them in a more conscientious and non-intrusive way. Do we reflect on it?News in digital marketing to consider
In addition to all the trends in digital marketing that must be kept in mind this 2020, there are certain news that you have to consider to make the most of all the existing potential and meet the expectations of users. Take note!WhatsApp Marketing
WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool that you may not be working in the most correct way. It gives us a great deal of possibility when it comes to instant messaging. With it, you can incite conversation with users, as well as send valuable content.Thanks to this tool, you will be able to achieve a more direct and personalized treatment with users, in such a way that you obtain a warmer and more fruitful relationship that results in the maturation of a lead until the purchase phase.If you are interested in learning more about how to get more out of WhatsApp to integrate it into your marketing strategy, I recommend that you read this post .Extremely personalized campaigns
In order to stand out in 2020 it is important to give weight to the personalization of content in all possible formats . As I was saying, users receive a large amount of visual and communicative stimuli throughout the day, so you have to stand out to try to get the user’s attention and memory. You already know how?In addition to this, it must be borne in mind that users are making more and more purchases through social channels . As shown by the 2019 Annual Study of Social Networks in Spain, 55% of users say they look for information about products or services on social network before making a purchase.This trend is going to grow, so the ideal is to create ublications that are known as “shoppable posts”. As you well know, platforms such as Instagram or Facebook allow you to include products in their catalogs to actually make purchases from the same platform, something that helps improve the conversion rate. However, you can always keep making posts that redirect to your ecommerce. If this is the case that compensates you the most, I recommend you make short videos or posts with a very elaborate image to capture more the user’s attention.

There is no future without automation
Automation in marketing is essential to improve productivity, but also to achieve maximum adaptation of communications to leads in order to prioritize content personalization.

In addition, there are many data that support the investment in automation:

Spending on marketing automation tools is expected to reach $ 25.1 billion annually by 2023 (Martech Today, 2018).
Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or more increase in revenue within 6 to 9 months (Strategic IC, 2017).
Companies that employ automation and lead maturation get 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost than non-nurtured prospects (Strategic IC, 2017).
79% of high-performing companies have been using marketing automation for three years (Venture Harbor, 2017).
New Call-to-action
More visual and interactive content
Content is still king, but the truth is that the type of content is going to be guided more towards the visual and the interactive. Thanks to this, the video and the podcast will continue to gain importance during this year.


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