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Transformation: my passage through the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing


Transformation: my passage through the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing

The vision of a student about her participation in the MMDD.
I feel transformed, today I can think differently, I can help others to do the same and contribute to creating better relationships between companies and customers . I decided to do the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing to have a broader vision of Marketing and Communication through the all number data channel. The decision was not easy at all since there are endless options in the market. I was convinced by the absolutely correct approach to the starting point, from where everything is born and originates: the customer . The Universe conspired to start the transformation.
The first day of class was the typical first day where you don’t know anyone. People begin to enter the room and your inner self begins to transmit a strange mixture of emotions and feelings of nerves. Then comes that difficult moment of coming out and introducing yourself to 25 strangers, which is not an easy task.


The first annotations arrived, the first pages of a notebook that began with the famous phrase pronounced by Josep-Maria Fàbregas , director of the master’s degree and passionate professor who with all solemnity and closeness told us: “Welcome to the Master in Direct and Digital Betting Email List ” . Poco a poco, clase tras clase, empecé a descubrir las piezas de un puzzle que iba construyendo una nueva filosofía de trabajo, una nueva visión del Marketing donde la relación directa entre las empresas y los clientes y sus potenciales con objetivos claros de negocio, son la base para empezar a analizar y construir estrategias, pirámides y propuestas de valor, canales de venta y cuadros de mando, entre otras, como herramientas útiles y básicas para el manejo coherente del departamento de Marketing, así como para el emprendimiento de cualquier negocio posicionando al canal no como protagonista principal sino como la manera de llegar al objetivo común de la empresa. Authentic classes of digital “striptease”, data interpretation and optimization and mathematical formulas to ensure that the economic plan is solid and sustains the creativity of the recruitment, loyalty and notoriety plans. The face-to-face classes have allowed us to create personal relationships, inspire us and dream together. Passionate teachers who have managed to transmit beyond knowledge the attitude and passion for a job well done and who have made us laugh a lot. Without a doubt, each of them has left their mark on the final dissertation project and, even more, on our hearts. Thanks to the direction of the Master, to the professors, classmates and the Pompeu Fabra University . Thank you all for this unforgettable year.

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