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Trafficker Digital: what it is, functions and features


Trafficker Digital: what it is, functions and features

Trafficker Digital is one of the most demanded professionals in the digital market today.
Companies have understood that to get visits to their website they have to invest and attract qualified traffic. The role of these professionals is to buy traffic online. Many digital projects die in less than 4 months for being invisible and not transmitting their own value proposition. For all this, I want to show you what a digital trafficker is , what are the functions it performs and in what Australia Business Phone List  its work can help us . In addition to showing you those factors or characteristics that he has to master and tools that he needs in his daily work .
The price of the product and / or service varies greatly between these types of professionals. For quality of service, for its results and for the time dedicated to providing the best customer service.

If you want to know everything, I want to share it with you. To others I always can share your own point of view, and thus helps us to improve our content. By the way, if you don’t feel like reading, you can listen to a podcast episode about this content.
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Digital Trafficker
What is a Digital Trafficker?
Trafficker Digital: the profession of the future?
How can I attract qualified traffic as a Digital Trafficker?
Functions of a Digital Trafficker
Common projects for a Digital Trafficker
Characteristics that a good Digital Trafficker must master
Tools to be managed by a Digital Trafficker
Has it been clear to you what a Digital Trafficker is and what functions does it perform?

What is a Digital Trafficker?
A Digital Trafficker is in charge of managing the online advertising of a project.

Simplifying, it is the person who is in charge of buying qualified traffic to get the maximum possible conversions.

A Digital Trafficker is in charge of creating advertising campaigns for their clients, optimizing them periodically to improve results and managing their financial budget. The figure of the digital trafficker and what its functions are is what I am going to try to explain. If you also have experience in digital Betting Email List , you will provide a strategic and global vision to our projects. Traffic is one of the main needs for any digital project. And getting traffic is what this type of professionals called: Trafficker Digital or Trafficker Specialist or Trafficker Manager are dedicated to . There is still no unanimity in the market for its denomination and in LinkedIN it is easy to see advertisements of the 3 types, claiming these professionals. It is clearly a job opening today.

Do you need a Digital Trafficker?
For me, each project is a strategy .
Different strategies for unique projects.

I can help you?
Trafficker Digital: the profession of the future?
What we have to be clear about is that the profession of Trafficker Digital is already in the present. Professionals capable of generating visits on our landing page from the appropriate and interested client to achieve results. The professionals that form it must commit to the client to:

Manage traffic and get it to the right point.
Make traffic follow the predetermined path.
Get monetizable conversions and sales
For this, they are required to constantly recycle that we must be willing to maintain over time due to the constant development of advertising platforms and their usual algorithms.

And above all, getting the most interested client to do it all the way and for whom we have a solution to their problems has become an art, full of marketing strategies that we must carry out. Do you want to know some of the latest marketing strategies that we use?
How can I attract qualified traffic as a Digital Trafficker?
Attracting traffic is the need for any digital project that is online and, above all, attracting qualified clients identified with our project. How can we attract it?

Essentially there are 4 paths that we are going to review and that every good trafficker would have to coordinate and manage:

# 1 Creating Social Media content
The creation of content on our social networks or the development of social media strategies helps us to improve the levels of traffic received on our website. To carry out advertising campaigns on networks, it is very important to take care of the contents.

It is referred traffic that improves our visit rates. Activity on social networks helps us periodically attract traffic from users who have been attracted by our publications on social networks.

# 2 Managing Email Marketing campaigns
The email marketing strategies are today one of the most used tools to attract and maintain uniform rates of traffic to our website.

From announcing the new content added, to the realization of offers of products or services, the creation of a new product or service are communications to be made via email. The strategies to capture leads helps us manage databases and maintain regular contact with customers really interested.
The design and implementation of funnels and automations are also framed in the email marketing management that a trafficker has to carry out normally.
# 3 Taking Care of SEO Positioning
The traffic that we achieve with an SEO strategy defined from the beginning of a project avoids many problems later. For me, it is essential to work with SEO criteria as soon as possible. It is about getting the maximum organic traffic possible from search engines by taking care of the architecture and details of our website.
Nowadays, any professional has to take into account the SEO needs of the digital project or at least not put barriers because it will help us to advance faster in our results of traffic received on our website.

# 4 Designing Online Advertising Campaigns
The traffic growth achieved from the previous 3 points is usually slow by definition. We have to build the audience, create the right content that attracts attention.

The specialized advertising trafficker will perform all these functions.

Online advertising campaigns help us to speed up the process of attracting the necessary traffic. For this reason, managing them is one of the essential parts that the professional digital trafficker must master. Nowadays, there are many possibilities of attracting traffic, although the best known are those that come from search engines like Google or from social networks like Facebook. We see them later in a little more detail.
Functions of a Digital Trafficker
By assuming this type of functions, day by day, as a Trafficker for clients, I wanted to share with you the usual steps involved in the digital trafficker function and which are the steps to be carried out in each new project.
# 1 Audit of current advertising strategy
If the company or professional already has online advertising campaigns running, the first thing to do is to analyze the data and results obtained to find out possible errors or deviations from the final objective.

In the internal or own audit we have to review:

Type of Campaigns carried out
Segmentation used
Ads (images and copies)
Conversion rates
In addition, we also analyze the competition in this phase. See what ads and strategies are being made. Every day we have it easier to follow the steps of the competition.

In the external audit of our business, we have to review more or less the same terms applied by our competition. Nothing like becoming a customer and entering the funnels of the competition to see how they are performing.
# 2 Planning a new advertising strategy
If we do not have to go through the audit, planning the strategy to be implemented would be the first step.

In this step, we have to clearly align ourselves with the objective and see how we are going to manage because achieving sales in such a competitive market is not so easy. Managing Facebook Ads is not as easy as putting up the ads and that’s it.
Depending on the price of the product, we usually have to choose one type or another of strategy. Usually more elaborate the higher the price of the product we want to sell. Another factor that we have to manage is how much we have to invest in our Facebook or Instagram Ads campaigns.

# 3 Creation of advertising campaigns
Once the strategy to be carried out is defined, we have to create the campaign itself. The process varies depending on the platform chosen to carry out the SEM or PPC advertising campaign .

It is not the same, running a campaign in Google Adwords (now Google Ads) than in Facebook Ads . Choosing one or the other or even a mixed strategy will depend on our objectives.

Of course, these platforms are not the only possible ones. In this phase, the job of the digital trafficker is to design the campaign, with the established segmentation and means of distribution. We also have to add the design of the ads and the copywriting that are usually already given to the trafficker, although some of us can also do it.Remember that creative and copy ads are quality factors that help us lower the cost of our campaigns.

# 4 Periodic and continuous analysis and optimization
One of the essential tasks that a Trafficker Manager has to do is to analyze and optimize advertising campaigns. We must periodically measure the results of our online advertising campaigns and thus be able to detect deviations quickly and optimize them as soon as possible towards the determined objectives.
Our function will be to create and optimize campaigns, it will be to analyze the campaigns. Having knowledge of web analytics will help us at work.
Decisions are made based on the results we are getting with each specific ad group or ad. From there, it is decided whether to pause or change the ad or ad groups and manage or reallocate our budget based on the proposed objectives. Sometimes it is forgotten that the financial management of projects is vital to maximize the economic results of the same.
# 5 Inform the customer
In the end, the professional has to inform the client of all the work done and the results obtained digitally, in addition to analyzing the data obtained to improve day by day.

Why digitally? Essentially because the trafficker is in charge of generating the traffic towards the conversion but the final sale and the physical delivery of the product has to be made by the selling company. Digital products are not always sold. And that is why each project for each client is different and must be adapted to their own needs.

Common projects for a Digital Trafficker
The projects that an online traffic professional usually carries out are different depending on the platform chosen to carry out online advertising and the final objective of the advertising campaign.

Projects are what a Digital Trafficker can help us for.

Some of them require great specialization depending on the volume of the managed budget and the characteristics of the campaign to be carried out.

We are going to see most of the types of projects that are usually launched:

Campaigns in Google Adwords or Google Ads
In this type of project, he is in charge of managing and launching campaigns in Google Adwords , now Google Ads . The professionalization of the platform means that we can find agencies and professionals specialized in managing only campaigns on this platform.

They are usually campaigns aimed at attracting potential customers to your product or company. The possibilities are many by having the full potential of the search network plus Google’s display network.

Within the search engines we also have alternatives such as Bing Ads or Yandex .

Social media advertising
Advertising on social networks has become more sophisticated and generalized to practically all social networks over time.

Combine our content strategy and Facebook Ads as the main social network to implement advertising campaigns. Managing social networks is the function of the community manager . You can find trafficker specialized in network advertising:

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Pinterest Ads
Tik Tok
Today, practically all social networks have the possibility of carrying out advertising campaigns, but the most used is the Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads platform.

In general, they speak of terms such as specialists in PPC or Social Ad or Paid Media to designate specialized professionals.

They are often used in many digital releases and projects alone or in combination with other tools.

Events (edit)
Nowadays, online traffic campaigns are used to capture the attention of the potential public before a specific event: from a specific launch, to a product presentation or an event or fair from gastronomic to musical.

Projects are carried out to attract a qualified public interested in the final product.

Launch of infoproducts
Very typical is the launch of an info-product. It is about carrying out a launch project that ranges from an ebook, to a training course or a podcast channel. You usually work with sales funnels.

Depending on the objective, the strategy is designed and the platform or platforms that can best serve us to achieve the objectives at the lowest possible cost are chosen.

Competition forces creativity both in campaign design and financial management.

Ecommerce and online stores
Selling physical products is different from selling info products or digital products. The price of the product and other factors will mark the need for simple campaigns to attract cold traffic or create more sophisticated funnels.

Amazon is one of the most used platforms on the market and already has its own platform for advertising.

Do you want to know some of the latest marketing strategies that we use?
Physical businesses
Even more focused is to carry out strategies to attract physical customers to a physical business with a street door.

Obviously, the strategy must be different to attract this type of traffic with highly localized strategies by area of ​​influence.

Do you need a Digital Trafficker?
For me, each project is a strategy .
Different strategies for unique projects.

I can help you?
Characteristics that a good Digital Trafficker must master
The digital world is very wide and each professional has to specialize in some characteristics of their activity to optimize their resources. Digital traffic professionals must focus at least on:

Continuous training
For me, the main characteristic is that of continuous training. Today, at the rate that the digital world advances, it requires a continuous update of the majority of professionals in the sector.

You cannot live off the success of a certain campaign if the traffic professional is not able to adapt quickly to the next one.

Networking Network
Keeping up to date with everything is important but almost impossible. For this reason, for a specialist in digital traffic it is essential to be in regular contact and surrounded by other colleagues who can help them at specific times.

It is carried out today both between digital agencies and between freelance or independent professionals. Professional networking is vital to keep up-to-date.

Manage traffic temperature
Managing the temperature of the traffic we receive at each stage of the project is another of the characteristics that a digital trafficker must master

As we know we have:

Cold : when the user still does not know us or have heard about our brand or product.
Tempered : when the user has had some contact, then he already knows us but has not yet made any purchase or value action.
Hot : it is made up of users who have made valuable actions or purchases on our website.
Communication and message at each stage must be different and adapted to the stage in which the user of our website is.

Knowledge of consumer psychology
Understanding consumer psychology and how they react to purchase impulses can help us easily improve the conversion results of our campaigns.

The process of buying a product is a complex process for the human mind. Many factors influence that make us make one decision or another: need, fatigue or tiredness, emotional situation, etc.

In addition to these intrinsic processes that affect our nervous system, a large part of the purchasing processes are attributable to the characteristics of the product itself and the environment where we are. Features such as price, offer or discount, time remaining, packaging, brand, shape, etc.

Many concepts that marketing specialists (and neuromarketing) work every day to make our product the most desirable and the best option for our needs at that time.

Perform AB tests and tests
Test, test and keep testing to experiment and move forward. The A / B tests help us to compare results between various options.

What works for you today in a digital project stops working for the next one and all those tests are what make the good professional grow.

Each project is different and a good professional must be able to adapt to each one of them to achieve the best possible results.


Tools to be managed by a Digital Trafficker
For all the above, a trafficker manager or a traffic specialist must be up-to-date in the management of the tools and platforms that help us manage advertising campaigns.

The evolution of the platforms and tools is continuous and changes and modifications are added almost weekly.

For example, these days the appearance of the Facebook Ads platform has changed with slight modifications in its presentation.

In September we expect changes in budget management both in Facebook Ads and Google Adwords . Changes are happening at full speed.

Planning as a digital trafficker:
Keyword management and competitor analysis are things you can do with professional management programs like Ahrefs. For me, one of the basic ones although it is paid.

Of course, Google helps us understand user trends and search intentions. Free tools with tons of information.

Measuring like an expert in digital traffic:
Google analytics
For me, managing and mastering metrics is essential to make the best decisions. It also allows us to set conversion goals to measure the impact of our advertising actions on our website. Essential !!!

Facebook pixel
The Facebook pixel is an “invisible” code to record conversions on your websites. Its installation is just the beginning. From there, your management can help us achieve unimaginable results at first sight.

Designing Campaigns as a trafficker:
Google Adwords
It is essential to know the operation of the largest online advertising platform that exists. Their networks reach 90% of all internet users. Its platform allows us to reach users through search and display networks essentially.

Your ads can be found both in the Google search engine network and in all related companies: Gmail, YouTube and Google Play among others. Make advertising on Google Ads is a good choice.

Do not forget that Google is not the only search engine that allows us to create this type of ads and SEM campaigns. You can not forget the offer that Bing Ads allows us and one of the search engines that is growing the most due to the data of operations carried out such as Amazon Advertising .

Facebook Ads
Facebook’s growth in recent years has been unstoppable and has approached Google to lead the market for online advertising campaigns. The click price has been below Google’s so far.

We can find in the market, trafficker specialized in Facebook .

Its growth at the user level, the segmentation it allows for its campaigns and the possibilities that its pixel adds have made it one of the first options for companies that advertise on social networks.

Allows you to distribute the ads among your companies, both Facebook Ads Instagram Ads, Messenger and WhatsApp .

Also in PPC strategies , a good trafficker will have knowledge of the alternatives such as Twitter Ads , Pinterest Ads or Tik Tok Ads by giving examples of social networks that support the realization of online advertising campaigns.

Let’s not forget the potential of the Linkedin Ads platform, which can allow us to reach the majority of professionals in our country.

Creatives and Ads:
Photoshop or Canva
There are many image editing programs and all of them help us to adapt images and copies to the ad formats of each of the platforms.

For me, both Photoshop and Canva help me to do this type of work on a daily basis, although they are not the only ones.

Video edition
Personally I use Filmora today for convenience but there are many options and video editing software that helps us prepare content for the different ad formats that must be adapted on each platform.

Do not stop investigating and see the solutions that programs such as Camtasia or Sony Vegas propose to us . Very very interesting.

Funnel and Automations that a good digital trafficker must master
Nowadays, working with funnels and automations allows us to take a leap in quality to achieve the objectives and if the trafficker knows how to apply them, the path traveled ahead of us.

Knowing how to set up and manage email marketing strategies and fluently manage programs such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign allows us to give added value to the client and helps us to differentiate ourselves as professionals.

If you also help to build the strategies of our funnel and the automation sequences . Helping to coordinate and draw up the outline of the path that the client has to travel through our website also gives you great added value.

Nowadays, managing applications like Clickfunnels or knowing how to design landing pages like Squeeze Page or Landing Page helps to improve our professional value in the market due to the existing demand for all these services.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and I will help you as a Digital Trafficker . Today, I am specialized in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to carry out advertising campaigns on the internet.

Has it been clear to you what a Digital Trafficker is and what functions does it perform?
I have tried to solve all the usual doubts but something new always comes up.

Do you have digital projects that require one of these professionals?

I offer you my team to study and start any project that needs consulting and qualified traffic strategies .

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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