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Trade Marketing: what it is and what are the keys to success


Trade Marketing: what it is and what are the keys to success

Trade marketing can be defined as a set of action plans and strategies to transform the point of sale, making it more attractive to consumers in order to improve their shopping experience . But, above all, it consists of increasing the demand for the product.This set of tactics and strategies is carried out in sales actions and promotions, such as the type of 2×1 offers that we are used to seeing in sales channels to sell more.Therefore, trade marketing applies to distribution channels, although sellers and wholesalers must also be consistent with it. The Afghanistan Phone Number List thing is to develop the best tactics and strategies to give you a better commercial output of the products . For this, we must not forget the brand management actions that are intended to appeal to the consumer. Do you want to know how to do it? Here I tell you!list_altIndex of contents
Trade marketing: a joint strategy between supplier and distributor
Difference between trade marketing and general marketing
The main objectives of trade marketing
Trade marketing actions
Keys to the success of a trade marketing strategy
Trade marketing: a joint strategy between supplier and distributor
The main characteristic of trade marketing, which is also its main differential element compared to other marketing or advertising actions, is that it is carried out jointly between the supplier and manufacturer and the distributor. And all this … what does it translate into?

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In general terms, it means that, to be successful, any trade marketing action (whether merchandising or any other type) must be properly conceptualized, organized and coordinated between those responsible for the product or service distribution channel , and the manufacturer. or provider.Many of the purchase decisions that are made on impulse respond to the influence that trade marketing tries to exert, for example, by improving the placement of a product in front of all others at the point of sale.Those in charge of the implementation of trade Betting Email List actions are mainly distributors or wholesalers, who may offer tangible or intangible benefits to the retailers for whom they work. In this way, retailers know how to promote and highlight their products against the competition , as they have better opportunities to do so.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your email
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On the other hand, for these actions to be more effective they must be coordinated with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as with those in charge of ensuring the existence of stock, since they are the ones who must guarantee that the products are prepared in the geographical area corresponding to target. And, in short, reaching the target must be the common objective of all those involved in the sales process.

Thus, the ideal is to achieve that between the different actors involved (manufacturer, supplier and distributor) an ideal approach to the products is created so that they are more attractive and attractive in the distribution channels where they operate, generating a better link in the relationship with your target consumer (target) .Difference between trade marketing and general marketingHow to distinguish trade marketing from marketing in general?The marketing is a much broader discipline that has to do with delivering value to customers through a set of actions and strategies aimed at building a long – term relationship between the brand and consumers. For this, the agents most involved are those responsible for the creative and communication processes, who are involved in many more ways than trade marketing.The marketing trade , meanwhile, also operates in the application of concepts of the marketing mix, product category management, display techniques, incentive campaigns, distribution, etc.The main objectives of trade marketingAs we have mentioned, the purpose of the strategies and actions of trade marketing is to improve the sales of the products in the establishments themselves , boosting their demand and consumption. To achieve this purpose, we must highlight the following objectives:Improve rotation at the point of sale : to encourage the sale of stagnant products on the shelves we have different methods, such as the use of signage elements or the application of certain promotions.
Boost and accelerate consumption and sales by planning and coordinating promotions .
Developing merchandising , which involves working on brochures, banners, flyers or cards to manage the visual part of the brand, but, in turn, manage a set of actions at the point of sale to encourage the purchase. In this last aspect we highlight, for example, the use of tastings, exhibitions or tests of the product, which are strategies that help the customer make their purchase decision.
Apply branding strategies . Remember that branding is the set of marketing actions aimed at promoting brand recognition . This objective is key to continue working on it, since, if they do not know us or do not know about the existence or location of the point of sale, they will hardly go to it.
Generate more traffic at the points of sale .
To prevent consumers from abandoning their purchase decision at our point of sale and end up choosing the competition, all these objectives must be taken into account. Discover the trade marketing actions and improve the exposure of your products to boost sales.

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Trade marketing actions
At this point, you are probably wondering about examples of trade marketing strategies . From InboundCycle we share some tricks that you can start applying to increase the attraction of your products to your potential consumers. Here are some:

Actions aimed at improving the rotation of products at points of sale . A very common tactic is to place the products we want to increase sales of in strategic places, such as next to the checkout counter.
Coordinate the dealer and the consumer to set more affordable prices . In this way, what we do is increase the supply and, consequently, the demand.
Coordination of certain types of promotions or offers : for example, offering 3×2 products or certain prices for the purchase of X products, developing coupon programs, running contests, raffles, etc.
trade marketing which is Carrefour example

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