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Trade marketing: keys to face its limitations


Trade marketing: keys to face its limitations

Nowadays, some companies find that when implementing trade marketing strategies they do not achieve the expected results and they do not know how to move forward. Has it happened to you? When this happens, it is important to assess other types of actions in order to reach the final consumer.In this post I will talk about the limitations that you can find with trade marketing and how to overcome them. Shall we start?list_altIndex of contents
Trade marketing: what is it and what are its limitaions to reach the final consumer?Inbound marketing as a trade marketing strategy
Then what do I do?
Trade marketing: what is it and what are its limitations to reach the final consumer?
If you have been following the InboundCycle blog for a long time, you will know that we like to start a topic by explaining the terminology. That is why first of all I will explain what trade marketing is: it is a set of strategies and actions that aim to transform the point of sale so that it is attractive to consumers and improve their cell number directory canada experience.
I invite you to take a look at the article What is trade marketing? so you can know more about this concept.
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Let’s keep going! Among the objectives of trade marketing are the following:
Know our buyer : we must identify them well , know their gender, age, habits, what motivates them, what frustrates them, if the purchase of our product or service is planned or impulsive, how much they are willing to pay, etc.
Know our sales channels : if we know who our buyer is, we must recognize which are the appropriate channels to sell our product or service.


Differentiate ourselves: it is useless to know our shopper and the sales channels of our product if we do not know how to differentiate ourselves from the competition . There is a lot of offer, products or services that will be very similar to ours, that is why we must make our shopper see us.
Trade marketing also has its limitations, and, as we have mentioned, it is a strategy at the point of sale in which, unlike the online channel, Betting Email List go through a slower process . There is a difficulty for the buyer to know the products on offer, in the same way that although they know the consumer or discover new motivations, there is an inability to respond quickly to these new consumer needs, since decision-making regarding strategy and products cannot be done quickly and flexibly.The return on investment is low and there is a lack of increased sales volume. And finally, one of its limitations is the lack of success in disseminating discounts, commercial offers and prices.Have you encountered these limitations? If so, we will explain how to deal with them.trade marketingInbound marketing as a trade marketing strategy
Now we know what the limitations are, but we can make them turn into opportunities. And this is achieved thanks to inbound marketing. Find out how!What is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing is a methodology that combines non-intrusive marketing techniques with the aim of accompanying the user throughout the purchase process, offering content of interest to them at all times. If you want to know more about what inbound marketing is, don’t miss the article Inbound Marketing: what it is, origin, methodology and philosophy .How can inbound marketing help us solve the problems of trade marketing?
Inbound makes it possible to put buyers and sellers in contact through non-invasive means by which to obtain information on the buyer’s profile , their needs, their behavior and conduct, their expectations, their decision criteria, what their buying process is like, how interact with the shopper … It allows us to know in real time their interactions with a brand or product and to flexibly and efficiently automate actions that facilitate their purchase process.Get your ticket for Inbound Leaders 2019!
We know that we have direct contact with the public, but in a poorly filtered way, without knowing anything about them beforehand in order to establish the type of message that will motivate or help them make a purchase decision or simply not think that we want to close a sale immediately. Thanks to inbound what we can do is create a preliminary phase in which we make them know our brand , our products or services, that they find interesting and where the need to meet us in person and resolve any doubts that the user may have arises. He feels more connected with the company, more satisfied, so that the passage through each phase of the purchase process is done in a more natural way.

We are talking about before a fair, for example, but during this we can also carry out inbound actions that make us not leave our audience indifferent and that we really get meetings and visits from more qualified clients. An idea could be to offer an ebook available only during the event, so that those interested must fill out a form. Here we are giving content of interest and we will obtain records that will have already discovered something that we will have offered them at no cost. The user who has received the ebook will be satisfied and will have had a good impression of our company.

The inbound methodology allows the dissemination of offers and promotions that the user receives is done according to the moment they are in their purchase process.

One of the limitations that we mentioned about trade marketing was the return on investment, but thanks to inbound marketing we can use a strategy that can be modified according to the results, obtained in a very agile way with the lead nurturing automation technique , the creation of a base of data that we will fill in with important information for our communications and the constitution of a channel of capture independent of the means of payment.

trade marketing

Then what do I do?
As a company, you will know perfectly well the limitations you have with trade marketing, either to know your target audience and their needs or to modify your actions quickly and effectively. So you only have to remedy it, and you can do it in a very successful way: applying an inbound marketing strategy that will help you get to know your potential customers better, as well as make them know you, earn their trust and accompany them. in the purchase process until they purchase your product or service.

And this does not end here, but what you should do is that they continue to buy you and recommend you. That would already be a success, right? Tell me your doubts and impressions in our comments section!


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