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Towards “Total CRM”


Towards “Total CRM”

Even today when companies are faced with a project to implement a CRM strategy, they are often asked, as the first and only question, what will be the software, the computing tool that they must implement. Consequently, once the computer option has been chosen, its implementation is focused and is confused with that of a project of a clear technological nature. Thus, the methodology for its implementation will basically consist of the establishment of a calendar that addresses the different phases of the software life cycle, from the initial definition of requirements and their specification, through technological design and development / programming, to end with the start of production which, if there is still a budget and the deadlines have not been exceeded in excess, will be accompanied by training and user tests of the new application. From this computer point of view all this is necessary, there is no doubt. But from the business point of view, the methodology must be different . Implementing a customer-focused business strategy means “breaking” with certain practices that tend to be deeply rooted in the organization’s own culture. Modifying this culture ends up being the most difficult challenge to overcome in the implementation of a CRM strategy. I am referring to a culture based on clear mobile number data information that must be treated urgently, such as: focusing on attracting new customers vs. loyalty, confrontation between commercial channels, generation and concealment of departmental information, excessive fragmentation of customer relationship processes between different areas preventing a comprehensive view of all interactions with the same customer request, lack of commercial policies, customer service and customer service aligned and consistent with each other,… etc.


These symptoms that, transferred to the day-to-day, represent authentic behavior habits of the people in the organization, require a certain methodology to be modified and, in many cases, eliminated from the root. To do this, we will first have to take into account the “pieces” of our CRM strategy , what they are and in what order we want to Betting Email List them. Next, we will have to identify the people who, from the first moment, should participate not only as functional representatives of certain departments but also as evangelizers and ultimately responsible for promoting and achieving, within their area of ​​responsibility, the consolidation of the new “rules. of the game”. We should also promote communication and training programsthat go far beyond the new computer application; The focus should be on the changes in the processes that materialize in new operating procedures that have a direct impact on the relationship with the client and not on the new functionalities of the new software. In summary, the implementation of a CRM strategy is a project of (trans) formation, the implementation of a new way of working, a new way of doing things that affects the entire organization. We will call this (trans) formation “Total CRM”. If this is not achieved, we should not “blame” the system. What will have failed is the methodology to manage the cultural and operational change we are facing

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