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TOP 5 March – Must-have articles on marketing and sales


TOP 5 March – Must-have articles on marketing and sales

The season is not the only thing that has changed this month, but, as always, the world of digital marketing brings us changes and news (some more than another). In this month’s TOP5 we will talk about how to improve the Quality Score of your ads, how to do content marketing in 2021, how the disappearance of cookies will affect online advertising and the rest… find out by reading!I hope the articles that follow are most useful to you.Do you like what you are reading? Sweden Phone Number List to the blog!EMAIL *
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1. Digital Branding: real-time branding
2. How will the disappearance of cookies affect advertising?
3. Content Marketing: A Coherent Guide for 2021
4. How to improve the quality score of your Google Ads ads and pay less for each click
5. The proportion of mobile searches is higher than you think: what you need to know
1. Digital Branding: real-time branding
The brand is the result of experience and the values that it is capable of transmitting and generating in those who interact with it, especially in the digital environment. In fact, on the internet and on social networks we could almost say that those who build the perception of the brand are the users more than the companies, who always have to be open to dialogue with them and try to provide them with value in each phase of their marketing process. buys.

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I recommend this article by Branderstand to have a 360º vision on digital branding in a period in which the fight for the attention of users is increasingly powerful.2. How will the disappearance of cookies affect advertising?
This news may not be news, since it has been worrying those who are dedicated to digital marketing for some time. We do not say anything new if we Betting Email List that the data is essential for making decisions, and the fact of losing the data that cookies provide us can be seen as taking a step back in this regard, by losing detailed information and user traceability.Google, by being able to replace the details of each user by user segments, may be the least affected. On the other hand, platforms such as Facebook, which rely heavily on the information collected thanks to cookies, are the ones that could be most affected, and with them the campaigns that are carried out there, since they could lose effectiveness .In this InternetRepublica article you will be able to delve into the implications of this important change at different levels, specifically analytics, programmatic advertising and retargeting.New Call-to-action3. Content Marketing: A Coherent Guide for 2021
Content marketing helps attract, engage, convert, and retain customers that you may not otherwise reach. In addition to building brand awareness and contributing to customer loyalty, it is a resource that is very profitable in the long term and continues to deliver results.This Ahrefs article is a true bible if you want to give content a boost in 2021, and I recommend it if you want to delve into:Why content marketing matters
Common objections to content marketing
Over 30 content ideas
15 tips from content marketing experts
4. How to improve the quality score of your Google Ads ads and pay less for each click
The level of quality (or Quality Score in English) of the ads of Google Ads is something so important and that, at the same time, it does not always receive the consideration that it should on the part of those who carry out campaigns.

You have to know that Google establishes a ranking among the ads on its platform and ends up showing those that are best optimized and that manage to reach the best positions in this ranking, regardless of the investment you are willing to make.

In this OinkMyGod article they explain very clearly how to pay less in Google Ads, getting the same results.


5. The proportion of mobile searches is higher than you think: what you need to know
Almost two thirds of all searches done on the internet are done from a mobile device. It’s a shocking fact, don’t you think?

Sistrix has analyzed a huge number of searches to understand the evolution of user behavior , which, little by little, has been moving from desktop to mobile. I recommend reading his article to delve into this topic and learn relevant information that could help you, such as the following:

The “mid-tail” queries have a number of searches from the mobile above the average.
Searches with an above-average volume on mobile phones: recipes, featured snippets, Google applications.
Searches with a B2B approach record less than 50% of searches coming from mobile.
In mobile, less than 30% of users click on the first organic result, instead they continue to scroll and clicks are more distributed in the rest of the results.
And so far the TOP5 of the month of March. Did you know the news that we have compiled or have you read any more that you would like to share? Feel free to do so in the comments section, we’ll read you!

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