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Top 5 HubSpot Tricks for the Pull Phase


Top 5 HubSpot Tricks for the Pull Phase

You have surely heard of HubSpot, our favorite technology when it comes to implementing inbound marketing strategies. But… what exactly is HubSpot and how can it help us in our strategies ?list_altIndex of contents
HubSpot: what it is and how it can help you
What are the phases of inbound Canada Phone Number List Database ? The importance of attraction
Pull Phase: HubSpot’s Top 5 Tricks
HubSpot plans and pricing
In this article we will explain what HubSpot is and how it can support us when executing an inbound marketing strategy. Then we will go to see what the phases of any inbound strategy are and we will tell you the five HubSpot tricks that will help you the most in the first of these phases, the attraction phase.HubSpot: what it is and how it can help you
As you already know, HubSpot is a software designed by the creators of inbound marketing as the tool to best apply this methodology. Its base? Create an organic relationship with customers through content.It is logical to think that, if the creators of this technology are the same as those of the inbound philosophy itself, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shan, this tool will be the ideal tool to work with inbound strategies not only in the marketing section, but also in that of sales and customer service . These three departments are perfectly delimited and the corresponding tool can be purchased jointly or separately.


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If used optimally, HubSpot will become a great ally when it comes to increasing web traffic, capturing leads, or helping you close sales. In this post we tell you all the benefits of using this software, a fantastic help at all levels.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!EMAIL *your email
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What are the phases of inbound marketing? The importance of attractionIf we have already convinced you that HubSpot is the best tool for inbound Canada Phone Number List , it is probably because you are interested in developing your own inbound strategy to achieve more and better sales.As these are long-term strategies, these are usually divided into four stages that correspond to the four phases of the purchasing process or buyer’s journey:Attract: in the first stage, our goal is to attract traffic to our website or blog by creating interesting content for our potential client. Through blog articles, SEO and social networks we must ensure that the user, in their initial phase of the purchase process, comes to enter our website. So they will go from strangers to visitors.
Convert: after the attraction comes the creation of leads, that is, converting visits into records for our database thanks to the use of forms, CTAs and landing pages.
Close: this third stage aims to qualify and “mature” the leads so that they end up becoming customers thanks to marketing automation software and email lead nurturing campaigns.
Delight: in the last phase, that of loyalty, we must ensure that all those who are already clients become ambassadors of our brand, taking care of them and keeping them satisfied.
inbound marketing phases

At each of these stages, a tool like HubSpot can take your strategy to the next level of excellence and efficiency. We’re going to start by giving you the best HubSpot tips for the first of these phases.New call-to-actionPull Phase: HubSpot’s Top 5 Tricks
As we have said, in this post we are going to focus on the attraction phase. We are going to reveal to you which are the five best HubSpot tricks for this first stage and that, thus, your strategy starts in a big way!For each of the tricks we explain what the objective is, how to do it and with which HubSpot software and licenses it is possible to apply it:1. Install the Google Analytics tracking code on your HubSpot account and the HubSpot tracking code on your blog or website
Tracking codes or tracking codes allow us to fully track user behavior on our website . It is a way to have well monitored the visits you receive on your pages, whether they are from HubSpot or from your website. Thus, by incorporating the Google Analytics code, you will be able to use all the functionalities that the tool offers, such as:See the channels from which the visits come.
See which articles get the most visits.
Create events.
Create filters.
Know the sociodemographic data of your visits.
Although HubSpot also offers detailed information on visits to your website, we recommend linking your account with Google Analytics to get the most out of the functionalities of both tools.

How do you do it? Follow the sequence below in HubSpot:

Settings → Website → PagesWe also leave you an article and a video tutorial so you can follow the step by step: How to integrate HubSpot and Google Analytics to track traffic?What software and licenses does it apply to? All products and plans.2. Activate the GDPR functionality in your HubSpot account to display the cookie messageAs you may already know, the Data Protection Directive (DPD) that the European Union launched in 1995 has recently been replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). The GDPR is a regulation that significantly improves the protection of personal data of EU citizens, but, at the same time, increases the obligations of the companies that collect and process this personal data.To this change, HubSpot responded by enabling the GDPR functionality which, if activated in your account, will allow the cookie notice to appear on all pages where you have inserted the HubSpot tracking code.How do you do it? Follow the sequence below in HubSpot:Settings → Account Defaults → GDPRWhat software and licenses does it apply to? All products and plans.3. Generate custom UTMs directly from HubSpot
A UTM or tracking URL is a normal URL with attached parameters that allow us to identify the origin of the visits or records that click on it. When visitors come to your website from a UTM, HubSpot saves the information of the parameters you have inserted into it: source, medium, associated campaign, action name, etc.From HubSpot you can generate tracking URLs that will help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns . But, in addition, you can customize this UTM based on the property of a specific contact, using, for example, their email and adding this variable to the tracking URL: email =. So you can follow the entire operation of your campaigns from the tool itself.

How do you do it? Follow the sequence below in HubSpot:

Reports → Analytics Tools → Tracking URL Generator

hubspot cheats create utm

What software and licenses does it apply to? Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise and CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise.

4. Optimize posts and landings pagesHaving a content optimization plan is essential for our articles to position among the first results in search engines. HubSpot is very aware of this and, to facilitate our work, it incorporates a section in which you will find information and suggestions for optimizing your content , with SEO recommendations and without the need to install any plugin.

In addition, if you are using the HubSpot CMS for your blog, you should also know that you have the “Core Topic” functionality, which you will find within the performance section of the article in question. This functionality allows you to insert the keyword worked on in the content and will provide you with ideas of other content that you can add to the article.

How do you do it? Follow the sequence below in HubSpot:

Within the edition of the content in question → Optimize (in the upper options)

optimization landing pages hubspot

What software and licenses does it apply to? Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise and CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise.

5. Take advantage of smart content options
Personalization is key to any inbound strategy, and HubSpot knows it. Thus it provides the option to schedule content in your emails intelligent, website, landing pages, articles, CTA, etc . The “smart content” option will allow each user to receive or view one content or another depending on what you consider appropriate.

You will be able to establish certain display rules based on the content you want to display, thus achieving personalized, contextual, strategic, dynamic and specific intelligent content for each user .

How do you do it? In this case, we cannot provide you with a specific sequence to follow in HubSpot, since the way to implement smart content will depend on the type of content you want to apply it to (email, article, landing page, etc.). We leave you this content from HubSpot so you can take a look at the step by step and start it right now.

What software and licenses does it apply to? Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise and CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise.

HubSpot plans and pricing
After discovering these great little tricks that will help you launch your inbound marketing strategy from the first stage of attraction , you are probably wondering: “Where do you have to sign up to get HubSpot?”

Many people ask us about the HubSpot pricing system, as it is a very comprehensive tool, but not everyone can afford it. Precisely to ensure that all users can get to work with the software within their needs, HubSpot allows you to design a personalized plan within the following levels:

On the one hand, HubSpot has three main areas: Marketing, Sales and Service . They can be purchased together or separately.
Each of these sections offers three categories, with three different prices: Starter, Professional and Enterprise.
In addition, it is important to point out that the CRM is free. HubSpot allows you to use its most basic functionalities and that, as you get to know your needs, you can acquire more professional plans.

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