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Top 5 ecommerce industry trends for 2016


Top 5 ecommerce industry trends for 2016

As the year ends and 2016 is just beginning, we continue to collect studies and trends that advance the changes that different sectors and industries will experience in the coming months. In this case, we know new predictions about the evolution of electronic commerce. In relation to this, we highlight five major trends in the ecommerce industry for 2016 developed by the Criteo company , based on the unique information of billions of transactions with more than 9,000 advertisers and 11,000 publishers around the world. As mobile canada phone number accelerates and consumers continue to browse and shop across multiple devices, these trends reveal the current reality of an industry like eCommerce, which continues to advance . Most purchases will be multi-device 50% of all ecommerce transactions already involve the use of different devices. In addition, the user who browses from several devices is 20% more likely to end up buying than the average user. And as a consequence, retailers will have to redefine the online shopping experience, to reflect the fact that the bulk of users visit them through multiple devices before making the purchase.


Smartphones will continue to replace tablets in purchases made from mobile devices As the size of smartphone screens increases, consumers feel more comfortable buying from this type of device, which they use instead of the tablet. In many markets, the percentage of mobile transactions from the smartphone exceeds that of the tablet. This is precisely what happens in Japan and South Korea, where over 40% of eCommerce operations are carried out from a smartphone. A fact that leads retailers to prioritize their mobile app strategy and optimize the mobile shopping experience. Retailers will establish Betting Email List points of contact to connect consumers online with those in physical stores Consumers search online before visiting a store, so it is critical that retailers understand this shopper activity. In addition, 8 out of 10 buyers with a smartphone use this device while they are in the store and rely on it in their purchase decision, according to Google data. So being able to identify these customers and know what information they have searched online will contribute to better customer service. In 2016, many retailers will be able to close the circle between the interaction that the consumer makes in the physical and digital worlds. At the moment, retailers are getting a better perspective of the user’s journey to the purchase, through the connection with them via mobile apps, and the use of beacons and other technologies that match the encrypted email ID, or a loyalty program , with the user at the point of sale. Marketing will stop targeting the device to focus on the user, and ads will be more relevant and non-intrusive Using personalized marketing and non-intrusive ad formats will lead advertisers to perform better in their 2016 campaigns. The consumption of media from mobile phones (smartphone and tablet) is forcing banner formats to change. A reality to which the use of programs to block this type of advertising (AdBlockers) will also contribute, which will accelerate the move towards non-intrusive ad formats. According to Adblock Plus, 75% of users would be willing to receive adertising if it was not annoying. A change that for publishers implies more freedom to innovate and offer new formats. Immediate delivery services will increase and provide a great competitive advantage. Retailers will have among their objectives to start offering delivery options on the same day, and even earlier (in the next 1-2 hours), in part to compete with the Amazon Prime Now service, not yet available in Spain but that will end arriving, because it is expanding throughout Europe (England, France). Those who succeed from a logistical point of view will gain a clear competitive advantage. This fact will lead to many advertisers having to adapt to the type of “personalized on the spot” advertising. IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication
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